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Review: Westwick College by Liz Meldon (Lovers and Liars #3)

Book review: Westwick College by Liz Meldon

“Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and lust, is so done with taking cases in Nowheresville towns. She thought partnering up with Loki to fight supernatural baddies meant excitement, drama, and exotic adventures. So far, the sleepy town of Westwick in rural Idaho isn’t quite meeting her expectations. Still, spending day in and day out with the Norse god of lies and trickery adds more than a little spice to life. And she’d rather be with another god, bored, than all by her lonesome again.

Meanwhile, Loki, Norse trickster, is trying—and failing—to come to terms with the fact that his powers aren’t returning as fast as he’d hoped, even with all his freshly acquired followers. When an academic from his past implores him to help battle a magical presence at Westwick College, he puts his mounting frustrations aside in order to help a friend, dragging his gorgeous, albeit occasionally moody, love goddess along for the ride.

Magic has descended on Westwick College in Idaho, holding its students hostage by creating bouts of sickness and eerie bumps in the library stacks when night falls. While Loki believes it will be a simple fix, Aphrodite, having learned from her time with vampires in Vancouver, braces herself for a tough road ahead.

And as if that isn’t enough, something—someone—is watching Aphrodite’s each and every step. Biding their time. Waiting for the right moment to strike.”

Book review: Westwick College by Liz Meldon

What I thought:

I’m not sure if it’s because I started this right after Vancouver, but my first thoughts weren’t ‘wow, this book is awesome!’ but ‘Wow, Westwick sounds lovely, I should go!’ I’m definitely more attracted to the calm, rural setting than poor Aphrodite, who threw a small fit over still not being at a beach.

That’s not to say, however, that this wasn’t good, because it was awesome.

He tried–really tried. He would never admit to anyone just how fucking hard he tried to change.

But when he opened his eyes and looked down at his hands, he was greeted with more of the same. Human hands, human nails. No fur. No claws. Not even a hint of thickened skin.

Despite the new sacrifices both gods gained in Vancouver, Loki struggles to regain his powers–while Aphrodite uses hers rather easily much to Loki’s annoyance. Even so, their affection for each other grows in this book, and it was really sweet to watch them get closer on a personal level rather than just a sexual one.

Their newest case sounds simple enough, but everything goes to shit before either realise what they’ve walked into. Things escalate fast, and both gods are robbed of their most loved powers (if you thought Aphrodite threw incredible fits before, you should see her without that gloss in her hair!).

Honestly, I couldn’t see how they’d get out of this one. Meldon is good with building tension, and there was plenty of that.

For all her irritating habits, the Grecian love goddess didn’t deserve to feel genuinely unsafe in his presence. He’d never do that to her, no matter how badly he wanted to burn the world.

Westwick College is the longest book in this series so far. It has the smallest amount of smut but the highest level of risk as Aphrodite fights to get them out of the shithole they’ve walked into (meaning the case as well as Westwick–she’s really not impressed with the lack of ocean and heat)

Loki and Aphrodite make a great pair. A small part of me was disappointed that there wasn’t more sex (not sure what this says about me… let’s not dwell on it, shall we?) since the series started as an erotic romance, but a much larger part of me is excited to see what’s next. I’m not sure if Meldon is writing Book 4, but I’m looking forward to Tuskin Island all the same.

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