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Review: EVO Ghost by K. J. Chapman (EVO Nation Series #3) (ARC)

Book review: EVO Ghost by K. J. Chapman

“Her name is both feared and revered.
Her name is that of a ghost.
Her name is Teddie Leason, and she’s back from the dead.

Teddie never agreed with Woodman’s hare-brained declaration of war that cost the lives of those dear to her, but now, she is the main participant in forwarding what he started. There is no turning back, the war has to play out, and she must end the oppression of her kind. EVO are at the mercy of a man with outdated ideas and the power to wield them. Britain will be reshaped forever unless enemies become allies and sacrifices are made.

Becoming the ‘Face of the Rebellion’ is bitter sweet, with the potential for justice, but also a weight she struggles to shoulder. The fight has never been more important, and EVO have never been more at risk. They will follow where she leads. Does Teddie have the strength to bear that responsibility?”

Book review: EVO Ghost by K. J. Chapman

What I thought:

I’ve been following this author from Book 1 and was ecstatic when my ARC arrived in my inbox! Book 2, EVO Shift, ended with a bang (literally!), and I couldn’t wait to find out how things continued from there.

Things start in a terrible place. Teddie is alive, but her friends–including Adam–think she’s dead, and Teds is in no position to tell them that she’s fine. It was easy to sympathise, both with Teddie and her friends, even though we don’t get their POVs. Imagine the emotional strain!

“[…] This is no longer the beginning of the end, Cub. This is the final chapter. I can sense it.”

I loved the main guys in charge, Rafe (who we already knew) and Fernan (a new addition later in the book). They’re tough, they look out for their groups, and they’re hell-bent on winning this war no matter the cost–which may sound harsh, but remember there’s a war going on. Teddie disagrees with many of their decisions–

which, I’ve got to admit, annoyed me more than a little. I don’t mind the main character disagreeing or even making decisions I wouldn’t, but Teddie lost sight of the bigger picture a lot. I get that she was frustrated with being told to sit and wait while the war was fought in her name, but I don’t think that’s an excuse to insist they risk everyone they’re supposed to protect just so Teddie can join the fight more actively. Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest but necessary all the same; Rafe and Fernan understood that. Teddie didn’t. She acted a bit like a spoiled child at times when the leaders wouldn’t fall over themselves to do what Teddie wanted because they have people to protect.

Don’t take this as negative criticism on the writing, though. As all writers will know, our characters have their own minds, and I know Chapman struggled with some of Teddie’s decisions herself. That she went through with them anyway is a credit to Chapman, not a negative comment. It’s Teddie I had a problem with, not the writing.

It was great to see just how far everyone’s come, ESPECIALLY MY GIRL YANA. Yana kicks butt! :3 The link between Adam and Teddie developed further, too; it was exciting to see them take it to new heights (again, literally!).

No one pays their leaders any heed. The chaos is nothing but an excuse for hundreds of people to relieve their stress by punching and kicking the crap out of each other.

And speaking of characters… There was a really lovely reunion, which could have gone either way but Teddie put her big-girl pants on and did the mature thing. No spoilers, though 😉

It was a bit slow and repetitive in places, but I couldn’t really put my finger on the former until I was about 73% through. Everything went just a little too smoothly for me. I wanted more to go wrong. I know Chapman as an author who throws all of the plot twists at you, but most of this book went in the good guys’ favour.

And I hope I don’t sound too evil when I say I expected more people to die! 😛

This was a great finale to the series. The last ten percent really had a kick to them, and once again one of Chapman’s books ended in a surprising way. There’s a brief glimpse into Teddie’s close future, too, and I think it’s fair to say that all’s well that ends well <3

EVO Ghost is out March 1st, but you can already pre-order it now!

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