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Review: The Pocket Book of Proofreading by William Critchley

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(soooo, there’s no blurb on Goodreads or Amazon (unless you count what’s essentially a review on the latter))

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What I thought:

You know, I’ve read a fair few books on writing and editing, but this is possibly the first one that reminds you to step away and take a break if needed. Because you’re human and it’s totally fine to need some time away from work.

That was early on, and we got on well after that!

I always struggle to review theory books, because it’s not like I can comment on the plot or the world-building or the loss of a map. Don’t you? :/

The Pocket Book of Proofreading isn’t just a book on proofreading, but it’s a book on freelance proofreading. Critchley gives advice on how to find work and how to get started as a proofreader. It’s honest but encouraging, too.

There’s a link to a proofreading course so you can test your skills for free, as well as practice exercises and answers inside the book.

I borrowed this one from my library, but I’m quite tempted to buy my own copy. It’s not a new book anymore (published 2007) so I worry that parts of it will be outdated now. There have got to be up-to-date guides out there, right? Sadly, there’s no updated version of this, but if you know of a good alternative…

I’d still recommend this to anyone considering freelance proofreading as a potential career. It may be 11 years out of date, and yes, the industry has changed a bit in that time, but most of what Critchley has to say is transferable. The first half would also be useful for anyone wanting a proofreading guide for their own work.

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