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February Recap

How is it the end of February already? 2018 is going way too fast!

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t thought about my goals for March yet–or not much, anyway. But right now, let’s look at February:

CookieBreak Copy  While I haven’t got a logo to show you yet, my designer is working on it as you read this 🙂 In fact, I saw the mock-ups on Wednesday and they look good.

I’m not sure if logo reveals are a thing, but prepare yourselves.

Darkened Light – DID YOU SEE MY MAP ON WEDNESDAY? I love sending out newsletters, but all the more so when I’ve got shiny things for you <3 If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, GET READY!

Here it is, the official map of Darkened Light:


Thank you so much to Glynn at MonkeyBlood Design. How he keeps turning my artistically challenged sketches into something so pretty, I’ll never understand.

And since we’re in the middle of show & tell, I’ve created these character aesthetics for my four main characters:

840, my beautiful boy and favourite*

Find the originals on my Pinterest board.

*hahaha, just kidding, obviously we don’t have favourites**
**just kidding, this boy’s my exception

Ash, my cat-magnet who blows up his problems*

Find the originals on my Pinterest board.

*like, not out of proportion, I mean with explosives

Doran, my emotionally scarred thief.

Find the originals on my Pinterest board.

And my girl, Naavah Ora who can enter the realm of the dead.

Find the originals on my Pinterest board.


The edit is going well, my editor’s notes make me cry happy tears, and I’ll be ready for betas before long**.

If this looks like something you’d like an ARC of, don’t forget to sign up for my Review Team 😉

*I realise I’m shouting a lot but I just have a lot of feelings for this, okay
** *cries at the amount of draft left to edit*

Blood of the Dragon – THE FIRST DRAFT IS DONE*! It’s a short first draft, but it’s done and it’s proofing and I’ve written a whole trilogy!


Somebody hold me.

*gawd, again with the shouting! you’d think I’d be high on too much tea or something which definitely never happens

Relics of Ar’Zac prequel – I’m quite excited about this now! I’ve spent some time this week taking notes from all three books and will plot and outline it next week. I’ll write it in March – but more on my plans for next month next week 🙂

Once I’ve made any.

Anthology – I’ve outlined my short contribution, and it’s dark and disturbing and heart-warming? Honestly, I don’t know if it has a happy ending or not.

I’ve never been so confused by one of my own projects.

The other authors have given me the go-ahead to share it with my Review Team, so if you want to read it before everyone else don’t forget to sign up 😉

All that I Can Be – Progress on this has been a little slower. I’ve finished writing it (yes, my hand still cramps, thank you) but haven’t started typing it up yet… *awkward cough*

I do still want to start publishing the first chapter in March, so getting this typed up is next on my to-do list.

Darkened Light Anthology – I’ve made a list of shorts I could write and just have to narrow it down now. There are a few which I’ll definitely include because they feature to various extends in Darkened Light. The rest will be based on myths, urban legends, and dark fairy tale re-tellings 😉

Workbook – I haven’t made as much progress as I wanted on this, either. I’ve written most of it, so really it just needs finishing up but I want to get it right. It’s supposed to help you write and publish your own books, after all!

That’s almost it for this month. Just one more thing:

I realised I haven’t given you an excerpt in a while! So today’s is a little longer 😉

It’s from Darkened Light and my boy 840’s POV:

“You don’t talk much, do you?” Doran asked from behind 840. They had been on the road for little more than an hour, and neither of them had said much. Naavah Ora had taken a silent lead ahead of them. 840 had wanted to fall back a little to observe his new situation, but Doran hadn’t allowed it. He had a feeling Doran was worried he’d try to run off and find his village, but he couldn’t fathom why Doran would care.
     Naavah Ora responded without turning around. “We’re not here to be friends. As soon as we reach the next city I’ll be on my way.”
     840 felt a small wave of relief hearing it; Naavah Ora looked at him like he was a demon. She was cautious around him, and didn’t trust him. He didn’t trust her, either; her glare made him uneasy.
     “And you?” Doran asked. 840 tensed. He wasn’t any good in social situations. “What’s your name? I don’t know what to call you besides—”
     “Yes, but your real name? The name your parents gave you?”
      He hesitated. How could he tell Doran if he couldn’t even think it himself? His name no longer mattered.
      “My name is 840.”
      “You can’t just be a number, Ginger. You must have—”
       Doran quickened his pace until he was walking next to him. “Yes, Ginger. I can’t just call you 840.”
       “Why not?” He hadn’t had a nickname since his parents had called him—
       “Because objects are numbered. Days are numbered. You’re a person, and people have names.”
       His forehead creased but he didn’t argue. He expected Doran had a lot more experience with situations like this one than he’d ever have.
       “Why Ginger?”
        Doran looked at him like he’d gone mad, but at the corner of his lips they curved ever so slightly into an amused smile.
        “Because of your hair. It’s red. You know. Ginger.”
        His heart beat faster. He felt like he was defying his Lord, but it was nice to have a name again. Still, there was a little voice at the back of his mind which sounded a lot like the First Elder reminding him that this was just another test he needed to pass. He wouldn’t fail.
        “My name is 840.”
        Doran sighed. “Fine. Ora can call you that if she wants, but I—”
        “My name is Naavah Ora. You don’t get to call me less than my full name.”
        “Fine! Naavah Ora can call you 840 and pretend you’re a thing if she wants, but I won’t. You’re Ginger to me unless you tell me your real name.”

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