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Review: No Contacts? No Problem by Catherine Quinn

Book Review: No Contacts? No Problem by Catherine Quinn

“There are plenty of books on the market which tell you how to write stylish prose, attention-grabbing headlines or market yourself better as a freelance writer. But how do you get that first piece published in a national publication? This book shows you the techniques that real freelancers use to sell their ideas and get into print. Professional freelancer Catherine Quinn, who built a successful freelance career from scratch, guides you through a step-by-step process to get your first article in print, from how to format your pitch, to identifying the undersold freelance hotspots.Her tried and tested step-by-step approach: * Shows you how to scope the market and pick the most likely potential customers * Gives the inside track on how to convince editors who’ve never heard of you to commission your work * Tells you what to expect at every step along the pitching process * Includes a four week plan with a day-by-day process to kick start your freelance career.”

Book Review: No Contacts? No Problem by Catherine Quinn

What I thought:

Theory books need to work on their blurbs. Have I mentioned that before? I must have mentioned that before.

What I loved the most about No Contacts? No Problem! is that it was honest as well as encouraging. It was this is a tough business, if you’re lazy you’ll fail but it was also work hard and keep at it and you’ll be successful. LOVE

There was so much useful info for the newbie freelance writer, I’m tempted to buy it.

My only smol issue is that it’s out of date. You’ll learn how to find work in newspapers and magazines, who to contact, how to pitch,… but websites? Blogs? Finding work via social media sites liked LinkedIn? Not covered.

What it does have (apart from oodles of motivation and encouragement, if you don’t mind the no-bullshit approach like me) is a four-week plan at the end. There are links to more resources and more advice throughout. It gives you what you need to make a start and do it well. And throughout it all, it feels like Quinn has your back.

This is a fantastic beginner’s guide; I’ve certainly learned a lot. What it needs is a newer addition. This business develops fast, and a lot has happened since it came out in 2010. Having said that, all of the skills are transferable to a more modern approach.

So, if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, I think you’ll love this.

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