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Review: Court of the Phantom Queen by Liz Meldon (Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars #1)

Book Review: Court of the Phantom Queen by Liz Meldon

“For centuries, the house of Zeus has reigned over some of the world’s largest, most powerful civilizations. First with the Greeks, next with the Romans and their conquered foes. Fueled by their worship, the old Hellenic gods remained unchallenged and supreme for centuries. Now, in the fourth century of the new world order, goddess Athena has discovered a growing enemy: the fanatical Cult of One.

As sanctions arise for pagan worshipers across the Roman empire, Athena decides to unite all the godly pantheons of the human world. Her vision: a council of rational, reasonable representatives from each house to come together and combat their common enemy.

But with arrogant gods and goddesses, both in her house and beyond, that’s easier said than done.

Athena refuses to be beaten, however, and vows to bring her vision to life. The first step is to visit each house and plead her case. With a motley crew of world-wise companions, she begins in the western isles, where she stumbles upon a god who once set her heart aflame in the court of Dagda and his mistress Morrigan, the Phantom Queen.

Unfortunately for Athena, not all gods are interested in playing nice with others.”

Court of the Phantom Queen is a fantasy romance novella. It is both a standalone and a part of the overall story of the Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars series.

Book Review: Court of the Phantom Queen by Liz Meldon

What I thought:

(Sorry for the picture. My phone died without warning yesterday, a week after the two-year warranty expired, and apparently that’s normal. They just die. Totally fine. Ugh. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t got a better picture of the book.)

Useless child that I am, I didn’t take any notes -.- (the notebook app on my phone is real, I swear! I do use it! or it was until my phone died -.-)

I liked Court of the Phantom Queen, but I prefer Meldon’s romance novels and novellas. The MC Athena has taken a vow of chastity, so I’m not sure how much of that there is in her future. She is interested in this guy, but I imagine having sworn off sex limits things.

“I predict foul things, sweetling.”

The mythology was a highlight for me, all the different pantheons and the mention of titans…I was intrigued by the latter the most. If you love mythology, this is an easy recommendation.

Meldon includes a list of all the deities and their roles in their respective pantheons. It made for great background info whether you’re interested in mythology or just appreciate the extra.

“We are a funny sort, we gods.”

While I didn’t enjoy Court of the Phantom Queen as much as Meldon’s other series (I swear it’s the lack of smut…), I’m looking forward to the rest. Book 2, Apollo’s Priestess, is already waiting on my kindle <3

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