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Review: Prey by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #2)

Book Review: Prey by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #2)


Moira Aurelia has put her faith in a demon. She offered her hand and he took it. Partners. Just like that. Black eyes and sinful smiles, she trusts an incubus to lead her into the abyss if it means she’ll finally find her dad on the other side. Her real dad. The creature who cursed her.

Or blessed her. Because from the way Severus—snarky, seductive Severus—watches her, touches her, ravishes her, Moira can’t decide if this new body is a curse, or if she’s finally growing into the woman she was always meant to be.


Unable to fathom how this woman, this ethereal creature, has so much raw power over his inner demon, Severus tries to keep her at an arm’s length while he helps her hunt down her father—but he can only abstain for so long.

Moira is the sweetest hell he’s ever tasted, a woman who squares off with his truest self and doesn’t even flinch. When he’s with her, the loneliness disappears, the bitter ache in his heart—mended. How can he resist such a divine temptation?

Meanwhile, the Farrow’s Hollow demon community is positively aquiver when news of Moira’s heritage leaks—and suddenly Severus isn’t the only demon in town who must have her.”

Book Review: Prey by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #2)

What I thought:

In Book 1, Predator, Moira’s biggest concern was finding her father. In Prey, she has bigger issues–and the worst of it circles right back to her absent dad.

What I loved most about said issue is that Moira made it happen herself, by accident, trying to help Severus who was getting the shit kicked out of him. Perfectly good intentions having negative consequences is such a human thing to cope with and Meldon nails it, as she always does. Moira means well–but because she doesn’t know what her powers can do (or that she has them), she reveals what she is.

In a bar full of demons.

Who are now very aware of her special gifts.

“[…] One life-threatening problem at a time, hmm?”

To make sure Moira is in as little danger as possible, Severus asks her to stay in his apartment until the threat has been resolved. She’s not happy and feels like a prisoner, so Severus cooks her all the things to make her feel better. What a guy, friends! Severus knows what women want and it’s not sex, it’s casseroles and oven bakes. Let’s all worship him.

One of the things I love so much about Meldon’s books is how real the characters are. In Prey, her characters are better than real people. Moira and Severus do something I don’t see often in real life–they accept each other for who they are. Severus isn’t highly regarded amongst other demons; as a succubus, he’s right at the disrespected bottom of their chain. Moira has changed so much over the past few years she barely recognises herself. Neither care, they just accept each other.

If you love real characters, supernatural elements, and more than a bit of smut, you’ll love this series.

Like Predator, Prey is an erotic novel and therefore not suitable for younger readers. If anything, Prey is even steamier than Predator!

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