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All that I Can Be – Chapter 11

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe how fast we’re getting through this series? After today’s chapter, there’s only a handful left! :O

If you’re new to All that I Can Be, I recommend you catch up first:

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All that I Can Be is a continuous series and should be read in order.


CookieBreak | All that I Can Be - Chapter Eleven

Elena’s confidence took a heavy hit after the devil’s visit. Things had been going well, but she saw now that her life had been too good. Hadn’t her grandmother always said the universe demanded balance? She had finally enjoyed herself, but now it was time to pay.

Every time she spend time with Ralu, all Elena could hear was the devil’s low voice against her ear. Ralu’s smile still lit a spark, but it no longer caused a fire.

The devil had known how she was going to deceive Ralu. Was he watching now, too? Asking him to stop reading her mind had been a foolish hope. The monster could change his face if he wanted to watch her, and she’d never know he was there. Reading her mind wasn’t necessary; she’d taken nothing from him.

But she couldn’t give Ralu the potion. It was wrong, and the more she got to know her the more Elena saw that Ralu didn’t deserve such a fate. No one did.

A knock on the door made her jump and sit straight.

“Lena?” Her mother’s voice was muffled through the door. “Ralu is here to see you.”

Her heart fluttered. “She can come in!”

Lena rushed to hide her newest painting—for the first time, she had painted something other than lavender. Two birds, sitting next to each on a branch at dusk. She wasn’t convinced she’d done it well, but she wanted it to be a surprise.

She threw a blanket over it just as Ralu entered.

Ralu’s eyes found the covered painting immediately. “What’s this?”

Her heart beat so hard it hurt. “A new painting. Can I show you?”

Ralu smiled. “Yes, please!”

Elena unveiled the canvas and Ralu came closer.

Ralu gasped. “Birds! They are beautiful, Lena!” Her eyes took in everything–the colours, the fine feathers Elena had worked so hard to draw–and followed the branch off the canvas. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“The bottle with my name on it.”

Elena froze. She had forgotten to hide the potion after the devil’s visit. She hadn’t wanted to acknowledge the thing still existed, but it was too late now; Ralu was already reaching for it.

“It’s nothing,” Elena said. “Give it here.”

Ralu grinned. “Oh, is it a secret?” She opened it and sniffed. “It smells of roses, how lovely! Do I drink it? Is it perfume?” Ralu’s eyes danced with excitement. “Did you make it?”

“No! I mean, I made it, but please don’t drink it.”

Ralu raised an eyebrow. “Why not? It doesn’t quite smell like perfume. All I get are roses.”

Maybe Ralu would understand. Maybe Elena worried over nothing. They got on so well, and they knew each other now. Besides, there was no way she could explain it now Ralu had seen it.

She swallowed the growing pool of nervous saliva. “Please, don’t drink it. It’s—”


It was so tempting to say yes, but then Ralu would ask about it again another time, and Elena was out of time herself. The devil wasn’t patient.

“It’s a love potion,” she whispered. “I wasn’t going to—”

Ralu put the bottle down and stepped back.

“You made a love potion? With my name on it?” Her voice had lost all its previous excitement.

Elena trembled under the hurt in Ralu’s words. “Yes, but—”

“I can’t believe you’d do such a thing. I’m leaving.”

Elena reached out to stop her, but Ralu stepped out of her reach.

“Don’t touch me. This is sick, Lena!”

And with that, Ralu slammed the door shut and walked out of Elena’s life.

End of Chapter 11

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