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All that I Can Be – Chapter 12

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome to another chapter* of my weekly fictional series All that I Can Be! <3 I think this is the shortest chapter in the series, so it’ll be perfect with your morning tea/coffee 😉

If you’re new to this series or if you’re not caught up, I recommend you catch up first:

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All that I Can Be is a continuous series and should be read in order.

*It’s getting hard to do this without sounding repetitive.

CookieBreak | All that I Can Be - Chapter Twelve

Elena tried not to stare into the dark. She pulled the thin blanket over her head and her heart, but still she heard it.

The heavy rush of blood in her ears. The faint mockery of the devil’s laughter.

She was back where she’d started—only, she’d somehow managed to make things worse. Ralu hated her. The one reason Elena had signed that infernal contract had turned into smoke and ashes before her.

There was no chance Ralu might love her now. Well, apart from the potion.

Elena couldn’t even look at it.

She peeked out from under her duvet. Sensed the potion just to her right, waiting, begging, to be used.
Ralu must have lost some hairs one of the many times she’d come over. Taking one and completing the potion would be easy.

But Elena drew her blanket back over her eyes, curled up, and turned away from the bottle.

Her life was void. She felt worse than ever before, and if her parents found out what she’d done they’d kill her themselves. Or perhaps they’d simply disown her. She smirked; if she twisted it enough, not inheriting her mother’s business was what she’d wanted.

Why had she thought seeking the devil’s help was the only way forward? She couldn’t believe she’d been as desperate as the girl in her grandmama’s story. The contract was valid whether she succeeded or not; the devil owned her either way. He had what he wanted, while she never would.

It wasn’t fair. All she’d wanted was a bit of love and success, but instead she’d lost everything. If only she could have been stronger, braver. But she’d been useless; her only talent. Even her paintings weren’t that good. Ralu’s fancy paints and canvas just made them look that way.

The devil was probably laughing at her right now. She’d deserve it.

Elena’s eyes burnt. No, this really wasn’t fair. She deserved to be happy. She deserved love, and a little success. Didn’t she? She wasn’t asking for much, just what everyone else had.

Slowly, she slid out from under her duvet. Maybe it wasn’t too late. There was one last thing she could do—

And she hoped it’d be worth it.

End of Chapter 12

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