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Review: Stalker by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #3)

Book Review: Stalker by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #3)


After her first real lesson in demonic cruelty, Moira Aurelia needs answers–and Severus craves revenge.

The only creature who can give them both is Diriel, who, having failed his mission, has fled back to Hell until the heat dies down.

Battered but not broken, Moira is ready to charge into the pit, fears be damned, because she trusts the incubus by her side–trusts him, cares for him, maybe even loves him. Severus, however, can’t stand the thought of leading his little hybrid into the abyss. Because in Hell, there isn’t just fire and brimstone and tortured human souls awaiting them, but his family, too.

And for Severus, there is no greater hell than family.”

Book Review: Stalker by Liz Meldon (The Hunt, #3)

What I thought:

After having devoured the first two books in Meldon’s latest series, I knew I’d enjoy this one, too <3 And after The Broken Earth trilogy by N K Jemisin, there was really nothing else that could follow. Meldon’s books are palette cleansers, in case you didn’t know <3 Did a book leave you emotionally devastated? Here, Meldon’s books will make you feel better ^-^

Like cake.

What were we talking about? o.o

Angels were supposed to be loving–to protect mankind from the evils of the world. Apparently her dad had missed the memo.

The main setting in Stalker was Hell. Actual hell. With demons and whatnot. Our favourite incubus Severus left Hell because he hated his family, so seeing Hell from his POV was interesting. Especially when they visited his brother, who appears to have changed* and Severus does not know how to deal with that.

Now, I haven’t read many books set in Hell**, but I’d imagine that most authors would portray it in the same way. Evil to its black, fiery brimstone core. So it was nice to see orderly arrival terminals, demons happy to be home, and first-time visitors who were way more intimidated by the place than Moira.

And Moira did good, btw. Severus prepared her a little, but it is Hell. Words probably don’t do it justice, you’d need to have been there. Apart from the glass rain at night, it sounds all right, tbh!

In the second half, Moira learns something important about her dad. And presumably, he knows that she knows, because it doesn’t end well, does it? But more about the cliffhanger ending in a moment 🙂

Now, though. The foreshadowing. Bloody foreshadowing was killing me -.- If you love a book that’ll worry the hell out of you***, then this is for you. I feel like there was more foreshadowing in this than any other of Meldon’s books, and wow, girl, enough :O My heart can’t take it!

*read: he no longer seems to be a complete asshole. Still kinda sleazy, but not a complete prick. It’s something.
**there’s a writing prompt for you. You’re welcome.
***Pun mostly intended.


In Hell, Moira had seen some shit. If there was trouble waiting for her in Farrow’s Hollow, she finally felt like she might be able to handle it–and she would never, ever let anything happen to Ella.


Sometimes, you just want to shake the author and tell them to leave your favourites alone. Like Ella, Moira’s BFF. Love that girl <3 And DON’T YOU DARE HURT HER, MELDON.

OH, and Stalker ends on a HUGE cliffhanger, because we all need more fearful anticipation in our lives?? I won’t spoil the ending, but I can’t wait to read the final book in this series (Killer).

Please be advised that Stalker, like most of Meldon’s books, contains strong sexual content and isn’t suitable for younger readers.

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