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All that I Can Be – Chapter 14

Welcome back, friends! Let the countdown begin! Three chapters let, including this one :O

If you’re new to this series or if you’re not caught up, I recommend you catch up first:

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All that I Can Be is a continuous series and should be read in order.

All that I Can Be - Chapter 14

Tomorrow. I’m supposed to see him tomorrow.

Elena dragged her pillow over her head and turned away from her room. The three weeks since she’d talked to Ralu were almost up, and they’d found nothing. She’d told Ralu everything she remembered, but there was no loophole. The devil was simply too good. Souls and desperate fools were his business, after all.

Ralu hoped that, because he’d never suspected anyone would try to challenge their deal, he’d have grown careless over the centuries. Elena had hoped so, too, but she had less than twenty-four hours before their next meeting and they had exhausted every option.

Tomorrow, the devil would want answers. She had drained her only bottle of the love potion, and she wouldn’t create another. He wouldn’t be pleased.

Ralu had come over almost every day for the last three weeks. Her hair was all over Elena’s room, and the recipe was simple. The devil would insist.

Elena buried her face as deep as she could in her pillow, and screamed.

Her bed sheets smelled of bread dough and lavender—the scents of her mother. A comfort she didn’t deserve.
The pillow soaked up her tears until Elena turned it over onto its dry side, and soaked that half, too.

She had to have missed something, but just the thought of replaying that evening in her head again was enough to make her sigh in frustration.

Still, it was the only hope she had.

That night, she’d gone to the lake because she hadn’t been able to sleep. She had felt angry with herself and her life. The devil had taken her by surprise, and like an idiot she’d spilt her worries at his feet.

She scoffed. Ironically, she was closer with Ralu now than she’d ever been before. Someone had even bought one of her paintings at the market yesterday, and she hadn’t used any magic to make either happen. The book had collected dust under her bed since she’d memorised the love potion’s recipe.

Elena paused. There was something she’d said to the devil, something he’d agreed to…Or had he? Her memory failed her.

If she remembered correctly, if it was written in the contract…Maybe she had a way out of this, after all. It wasn’t much—

But it was hope.

End of Chapter 14

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