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How to Create Your Own Bookish Merchandise with Vistaprint

Today, I’ve got something special for you. We all love a bit of bookish merchandise, don’t we? Bookmarks with our favourite quotes, tote bags or shirts with our favourite covers (and, yes, more quotes*), posters of the prettiest books…

Aren’t you just swooning right now? *eyes posters of own books in her office*

Today, I’m going to show you how to create that bookish merchandise for your own books.

*they look good, okay?

Self-Publish Your Novel - How to Create Your Own Bookish Merchandise with Vistaprint

This year for my birthday, I received the best presents anyone has ever given me: A5 posters of all my books*, and pens with my name and the words Editor & Proofreader in gold letters.

My SO had ordered them from Vistaprint, a company I’ve used myself a few times before to create my business cards.

Before I show you all the awesome things you can create with them, let me explain why you might want bookish merchandise–if you’re not sold already, that is:

  • it’s great stuff to include in giveaways, and will make your winners feel more special. I’m running a newsletter exclusive giveaway right now, and feel like more people entered just because I’m throwing in other goodies!
  • if you attend an author signing, you’ll look more professional when you can sell your own bookish merchandise alongside your books. It might also bring more people to your table if you offer more than ‘just’ books.
  • a bookmark or A5 poster of your book! Need I say more?

Now, let’s take a look at what you can create!

*They look great in my office, btw.


Business Cards

Let’s start with the smallest thing you might consider.

Why business cards? Because they easily fit into someone’s pocket or wallet/purse, fit your important website info and book titles, and–oh yes–you can hand them out without any fuss.

If you attend a signing, they’re an easy freebie to include. You know, just in case the people buying your books fall in love with your writing and what to learn more.

They take up no space at all, and you can fit all your details into one spot. It saves you or the reader needing to write anything down.

Self-Publish Your Novel - How to Create Your Own Bookish Merchandise with Vistaprint

You can choose between Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Ultra Thick, but I don’t think the higher qualities are necessary. I’ve ordered both Standard and Deluxe before and both have been excellent.

Shirts and Bags

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! *swoons*

Vistaprint offer a large choice of various bags and clothing. Tote bags*, jackets, engraved metal pens, backpacks, laptop bags–even luggage! How’s that for a suitcase you can’t miss on the conveyor belt?

Self-Publish Your Novel - How to Create Your Own Bookish Merchandise with Vistaprint

And think of all the cool bookish swag you could send your next giveaway winners! A signed book is awesome for obvious reasons, but a signed book, a tote bag**, a shirt, and a small poster with your book’s stunning cover? Who wouldn’t enter that?

*everyone’s favourite, of course. Or is that just me? I love a tote bag.
**Excuse you, I will not drop it


Mugs and Posters

Writers and bookworms are tea drinkers*, so why not put a reader favourite quote on a mug? Or your own favourite?

If there’s one thing that screams ‘I’m a real author’, it’s a quote from my book on a mug.

I’ve recently ordered two, one for myself and one for a giveaway winner, and can tell you it was pretty well received. Surprise gift success!

And I do feel pretty special drinking tea from a mug that has a quote from my book *ahem*. If ever you need motivation to keep writing, there it is!

*or coffee, I suppose. Vile stuff, if you ask me, but whatever keeps you writing/reading.



This is one for those of you attending signings or other author events. If you have a table of any size, you’ll want to attract the attention of everyone walking past. Banners are a good way to do that, and Vistaprint gives you plenty of options*.

When I’m attending the British Book Bash in Brighton this November, I’ll be bringing one huge standing banner, and a small one I can pin to my table. I’ll report back once I’ve got them.

*Even pop-up gazebos – I’m so glad you asked.

And you know the best thing?

You can upload your own design to almost everything. Vistaprint gives you pre-created options, but since this is about your books…well, chances are, they don’t have your covers ready and waiting.

But that’s fine, because you can upload them.

Bear in mind, though, that for items like backbags or luggage your book covers may not be suitable. Vistaprint allow less room for customisation on those, but you can still fit a logo or a quote!

Create Your Own Bookish Merchandise!

So far, I’ve tried their business cards, posters, and pens, and every time the order arrived fast and well packaged*. The quality has been excellent every time, and I’ll order banners, bookmarks, tote bags, and maybe shirts for my table at the British Book Bash this November. I’ll keep you posted <3

I might treat myself to a mug, too. I might just also need to break an old one first o.o

*My SO informed me of the speedy delivery and packaging on the posters and pens since they were a present.

What’s your favourite bookish merchandise? What do you love receiving from authors, and what have you–as the author–provided yourself? Make a tea, get a cookie, and talk to me!

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  1. I use VistaPrint a LOT, and I highly recommend signing up for their mailing list. I usually wait to order stuff until they’ve got a big sale one and then save a bunch of money. 😀

  2. Awesome ideas 🙂
    Mugs with quotes or images from my favourite shows or books are my weakness. I’d also need to break a few before I can have more!
    Bookmarks are useful freebies too. Hope they turn out great 🙂

  3. Thanks for this useful piece, Sarina – I’m not at this stage yet, but probably need business cards at least, plus it’s encouraged me to think ahead to a real world that might one day include my book/s.

  4. Time to go design some bookmarks! Definitely not taking me off track for the night, but I don’t mind! 😉 Great list of bookish merchandise!

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