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June Recap | Darkened Light’s Release Date, a Title Reveal, and Brighton Book Bash News!

Is anyone else struggling to believe it’s the end of June? Half of 2018 is over. We’re halfway to Christmas.



I won’t mention it again until November*.

How was your June? I can’t decide if it’s gone really quickly and I got all the things done, or if it was slow and I was an all-over-the-place mess. Either way, it’s over (or almost, anyway), so let’s not dwell on it and move on**.

*Nobody run a search on this blog in December to see if I kept this promise.
**Just kidding, I’m gonna reflect the hell out of June! That my June achievements follow that statement also isn’t helping.

Darkened Light


Which means I’ve set an official release date. I can now announce that Darkened Light will be out on…

*drum roll*



Review team, prepare yourself. It will be with you by the 20th July <3

Relics of Ar’Zac

I’m almost done with the prequel. I didn’t make as much progress this month as I would have liked, but what can I say, it’s been a busy June* *shrugs* I’ll finish it over the first few days of NaNo, and then it can rest until the first two edits of Blood of the Dragon are done. It’s about time I gave that my undivided attention.

I finally have a working title, too! Unless I think of something else or change the name of the city (which is likely), the prequel novella will be called


Make a note, I’ll call it that from now on 😉

*I guess that answers my question from earlier!

Camp NaNo


I’ve prepared a rough outline for Blood Song and set my target to 20k.

Rather than also write Blood Vow, I’ll focus on the first edit of Blood of the Dragon*. It’s a little more urgent right now, and I hate that I haven’t had more time for it this month.

So, my July camp experience will be editing and writing! Same as any other month, if I’m honest 🙂

Speaking of which, there’s still room in my cabin! If you’ve declared your project and would like to join, let me know and I’ll invite you.

*My WIPs are bloody, basically, no matter the series

Brighton Book Bash

My pre-order form is now LIVE! If you’re coming to the Brighton Book Bash this November and don’t want to miss out, I recommend you pre-order one or more of my books. I can only bring a limited amount, and everything that’s not pre-ordered will be first-come-first-serve.

Of course, if you already have one or more of my books, bring them with you and I’ll sign them on the day 😉 Or just stop by my table for a chat, I’d honestly love to meet you <3


I’ve made a few changes this month and I’m not done.

The most exciting thing has been my newsletters. Earlier this month, I split my main list into two–one for my readers and one for my fellow writers. And, of course, my Sparrow Review Team still exists, too 😉 This allows me to bring you content you care about without the other stuff, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my emails more <3

Pick the newsletter that’s right for you here (or pick all three, there’s no need to choose!)

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting at different times*. I’m doing this because I want to see if it makes a difference, but I’ve only posted twice on the different schedule so it’s too early to tell.

There’ll be no more bi-weekly WWW Wednesday posts. I’ve got less time to read while I work from home, so most weeks would look the same anyway, and it always takes a while to prepare the posts. Not doing them anymore equals less stress, which I’m all for.

Reviews will be rarer over the summer for time reasons, too, but there’ll still be some. As always, I’ll publish them on Thursdays. Since I won’t read as much I might also review a couple of other books, but I’ve made no decision on that.

I’m about to finish All that I Can Be, and once that’s over I won’t post anything on Mondays for a while. Possibly forever. I’ve got nothing lined up, and my Monday shorts tend to get the least views, so I’m fine with letting them die. It’s not like there are no other ways for you to read my (way more polished) writing 😉

I’ll talk about what else is coming next week when I announce my July goals 🙂

*I kinda hope you haven’t, actually.


Let’s compare notes! How was your June? 🙂 Make a tea, get a cookie or a whole bloody pack (you’ve earned both!), and let’s chat!

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  1. You’ve had a wonderful month! I love the title of your prequel novella! Congratulations on setting a release date! By the way, now I’m thinking about how close Christmas is. Not cool! Haha. I hope you have a great July!

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