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July Goals

I’m not going to make a comment about the first week of July being over already* because quite frankly, time is moving too fast and I don’t like it #rude

So, let’s move straight to what I’ve got planned before we all get too depressed and need to cuddle a kitten**, shall we?

* *fails*
** just kidding, go cuddle that kitten

Relics of Ar’Zac

It’s a Relics heavy month. I’m about to finish the first draft of Shadow in Ar’Sanciond*, and I’m finally making progress on Blood of the Dragon. It needs so. much. work! but right now I’m too happy to be working on it to notice how annoying this actually is.

It’s not the easiest edit I’ve ever had, that’s for sure!

I’m still struggling with the paperback for Rise of the Sparrows. I may have mentioned that I’ve updated the interior**, and for some reason CreateSpace insists that I didn’t upload the correct trim size.

So that’s messed up a lot of formatting.

Thing is, I only ever had that one trim size. Why would I use a second one? Why would I download a second one? I don’t need two, so I don’t know where CreateSpace got that idea from.

I only know that it’s causing me a headache and a lot of formatting issues. Until I can sort it or CreateSpace admit they’ve got the wrong trim size and fix it, the Sparrows paperback won’t be available.

The eBook is available as always <3

*I know I keep saying that but this time it’s true! I don’t know why this one was so much harder.
**No? I honestly don’t remember. I’m on too many social media sites, clearly.


I’m three days into camp as I’m writing this post and I already changed my project. Originally, I was going to finish Shadow in Ar’Sanciond, write Blood Song‘s 20k after that, and edit Blood of the Dragon if there was time.

But I hate how little time I’ve had for the final book in this trilogy, and since Blood Wisp isn’t out yet I decided there’s no rush to write Blood Song right now. It can wait. The Blood Wisp trilogy is set after the Relics trilogy, so I can’t publish it before Blood of the Dragon, anyway.

SO. Once Shadow in Ar’Sanciond is done and resting, Blood of the Dragon will be my only focus. Giant Cheese Monster knows it needs the attention.


I want to give marketing everything I’ve got this summer, and have started with Facebook Ads.

My first ever attempt is out in the Facebook world, guys <3 *shudders* *nervously glances at figures*

I’m quite excited to experiment with different variables to see what a difference it’ll make. I don’t need to make a fortune right now, I’d be quite happy to just make back the money I spent in the first place.

The fortune can come when I know what I’m doing* *ahem*

IF I ever figure out how to master Facebook Ads, I’ll share my wisdom here. Don’t get excited, though, it’ll be a while. But I won’t give up until it happened, so I suppose you can get a little excited 🙂

*Oh gawd, it’ll be never!

Darkened Light

The most exciting things are happening here this month. Darkened Light is almost ready (did you catch that the release date is August 20th? It’s so soon!), which means that it’s going to my review team later this month.

Review team excitement aside, I’m adding it to Goodreads NEXT WEEK so you can all add it to your reading lists 😉 I’ll also make the eBook preorder available on Amazon soon, and I’m in the middle of arranging release week newsletter swaps. Do tell if you want in!

I might write the sequel for the big NaNo event this November, but we’ll see. No decisions have been made*.

*as you’ve seen, I can’t even get my shit straight with this month’s camp!

CookieBreak Copy

I’m really excited to announce a new addition to my editing services. Besides the usual (developmental, line, and proofread) and the manuscript evaluation, I now also offer blurb polishing services.

It’s the cheapest edit I offer, and since I know how much we all hate writing blurbs I thought I could help a lot of frustrated writers this way.

If you’d like to know more, leave a comment below or read more on my editing website. There’s a contact form over there, too 😉


I don’t normally share personal things on here, but this week something special happened. If you can’t share the special moments you’ve worked your butt off for, what can you share?

Monday evening, I got the letter through my mailbox.

One small ceremony aside, I’m officially British.

Not gonna lie, I may have cried a little. I wanted this since I was sixteen, and the last few years have been annoying forms and one long frustrating process, but it’s over and once I’ve attended the ceremony, it’ll be officially official*.

So that was my personal highlight of the week <3

*officially official because I’m already counting it as personally officially. What’s one short ceremony after this bloody process?

What are your goals for July? Make a tea, open a pack of British biscuits, and let’s chat about to-do lists! 

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  1. samslifeinbooks samslifeinbooks

    Congratulations on becoming British! Good luck with your July goals.

  2. Congratulations on your British status!! That’s so exciting! 😀

    As for NaNo, I can’t make up my mind either. Though, I think I finally settled on a goal that works for me on a project I want to work on. Hopefully, I’ll stick with it.

    It’s so exciting reading about all of your projects and the progress you’ve made on them! Good luck with your goals this month! 🙂

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