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All that I Can Be – Chapter 16

Welcome to the final instalment of All that I Can Be! It’s gone quickly, hasn’t it? A big thank you to those of you who read these little updates every week <3 I know they weren’t much ^-^

If you’re new to this series or if you’re not caught up, I recommend you catch up first:

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All that I Can Be is a continuous series and should be read in order – especially because this is the last chapter!


Ralu’s voice rang clear over the moonlit path ahead as she ran toward Elena. She was still smiling, high on her victory, when Ralu reached her.

“What are you doing here?”

Ralu hugged her. “I came for emotional support.” She mirrored Elena’s smile. “Doesn’t look like you need it. I know you wanted to do this on your own, but I wanted to be here for you anyway. So I hid.”

Elena noticed the loose grass on Ralu’s shirt. The stains would be tough to get out, but it seemed like a small price to pay; perhaps they could keep it as a memory and a reminder.

“Is it… you know.” Ralu fiddled with the hem of her sleeves. “Are you free?”

Elena beamed at her. “Yes. The contract burnt, and–” Her face fell. “He said he’ll get me sooner or later. That he wears many disguises, and no one walks away from him.”

Ralu kissed her. Sweet and warm, like summer rain. The ground melted away beneath Elena’s feet along with her worries. For a blissful moment, everything was silent.

“We’ll be careful,” Ralu said. “He won’t take you.”

Elena held onto Ralu like the ground hadn’t only melted but split open and she was falling to be forever imprisoned by the devil’s side. She’d got herself here, into Ralu’s arms and feeling positive about the future.

No magic required.

Just one step after another until the road had whisked her away.

“Together,” she said.

Ralu kissed her again. “Together.”

“But first I need to tell my parents. They’ve been pestering me about not being in a relationship.” Her stomach did an uncomfortable flip. “This isn’t what they had in mind.”

Ralu laughed, and squeezed her hands. “We’ll do that together, too.”

Every day after that would be another step along the same, scary path. It would take a while until she felt truly confident in herself and her abilities, but she no longer doubted she could do it. Her steps would be small, but they were progress, each obstacle conquered one at a time–

And Elena was proud of that.

End of Chapter 16

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