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All that I Can Be is Over. What’s Next?

First, thank you to everyone who read and commented on All that I Can Be. It was fun having a small serial ^-^

Since I created this blog in 2015, I’ve always had something on Mondays. I started with random 10-minute writing sprints, then published my interpretation of various prompts, then you were giving me prompts, and so on, until I did All that I Can Be.

Now, for the first time since July 2015, I’ve got nothing.

Not because I don’t have ideas–I have a few–but mostly because I don’t have the time at the moment. Blogging regularly takes a lot of effort, preparation, and commitment.

Also, historically, Monday posts were the least interesting to you guys. So, I have to consider whether it’s worth doing something for the smallest part of my audience, when I’m struggling to make time for the rest as it is.

This isn’t necessarily permanently, but for now, at least, there won’t be anything on Mondays. It’ll be a nice, calm start to everyone’s week 🙂 And I’m just a little very excited to not have something else to schedule for the moment, too*.

Big thanks again to everyone who showed up every Monday. If I ever have more time, I might just come back to one of those ideas I mentioned above. In the meantime, I have books to write.

I’ll see you around another day of the week <3


*Really, though, between this post and my daily prompts in my indie writer’s facebook group, I spent too much of my life scheduling.
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