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July Recap

Is it just me or has July zipped past just like every other month this year? What’s happening to the year??

Though too short, July has been good to me. Also, bloody busy.

Relics of Ar’Zac



I don’t know why this prequel was so hard. Have any of you written a prequel and experienced the same? Even the final book in this series–which needs to wrap up all the bloody* loose ends–was easier!

In other good news**, my proof of Rise of the Sparrows has arrived, it looks as it should, and it’s available again. My original plan was to host another giveaway for my newsletter subscribers, but honestly? This cost too many nerves. I’m keeping it.

I felt bad because I didn’t make as much progress on Blood of the Dragon as I wanted, but you know what? The prequel is done and resting. Rise of the Sparrows is available as a paperback again. I did good. I have no regrets.

I AM making progress on Blood of the Dragon, by the way. It’s not as hopeless as I make it sound. It WILL go to my editor and critique partners next month, I swear it on the books I don’t yet own***!

*I mean that literally. Much pain. Many death. Wow. Yes, this is definitely a fun book.
**you can tell how stressed I am from this battle by how reluctant I am to write this on Wednesday, a day before the proof arrives, just in case I jinx it and need to do it again.
***I’m a bookworm so this is serious.

Camp NaNo

Remember how I said I’d rock Camp NaNo?

I did not rock Camp NaNo.

I can’t prioritise my own projects over my authors’ books. This month, I got two new editing clients which means Blood of the Dragon had to take a step back again. BUT I’m making a bit of time everyday, so while I didn’t rock NaNo I am making progress–just not enough to win NaNo.

Baby steps and all that. It’s something.

Darkened Light

Darkened Light is officially with my review team and it HAS ITS FIRST TWO REVIEWS.


Check it out:

Excited doesn’t cut it *cries*

Next week, I’ll order the proof copy and will update the eBook file so it’s ready to go for everyone who’s preordered it*.

I might announce the title of Book 2 next month too, but that’s something to think about for next week’s post 🙂



CookieBreak Copy

As I mentioned above, I have two new authors which brings my current total to four.

Bloody hell o.o

So, no, you can’t hire me right now ^-^ You can book me in advance, but you can’t hire me right now. I’m fully booked.


Bloody hell.


I’ve posted less this month and I’m sorry about that. It’s the first time I’ve broken my regular schedule since CookieBreak started over three years ago, and I’m not sure how to feel.

I couldn’t stick to my schedule because I’ve been insanely busy.

It should be fine, because CookieBreak isn’t a new blog anymore.

It doesn’t feel fine, because shouldn’t I still keep to my schedule? Does this make me a bad blogger?

Most bloggers have felt like this at some point, and I can confirm that NO, it doesn’t make you a bad blogger. Sometimes, life gets in the way. You can’t help that. Do your best and get back in that chair when you’re ready.

How was your July? Share your achievements with me no matter how small and let me be your writing cheerleader!

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    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Thank you! I hope you’re well 🙂

      • Not too bad thanks!…..Indulging in the joys of a re-write and ‘where did the plot go?’ stage of a book 😃

        • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

          That’s always fun 😛 Happy re-writing! Hope it’s not too painful 🙂

          • Bit of head scratching going on in the ‘Does that really work?’ department 🤔, but nothing that’s too problematic…All good exercise for the brain 😃

  1. What a busy month you’ve had! But it also sounds very successful! Congrats on finished your prequel and finally fixing Rise of the Sparrows! I know how stressful that is.

    My July has been extremely busy too. I’m just hanging on for the ride and hoping for the month to end. I’ve been doing alright with Camp NaNo, but I keep pushing it off and getting behind on my goal. (Which I should be working on right now as I type this comment haha.)

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Honestly, it was a nightmare. I’m glad it’s over, and at least I’m getting Darkened Light out of the way, too. It’ll be nice not to worry about formatting for a while!

      Well done on NaNo! You may not have finished it but you’ve done much better than I have. I just finished a big line edit for someone, so I’ll try and get it done and to my editor before the next two get busy.

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