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August Goals

I’ll keep my plans for the month ahead short because once again, I’m extremely busy–don’t get me wrong, I’m loving life, but I wouldn’t hate a chance to breathe?

So I’m sorry if this feels rushed <3

Darkened Light

Release day is in just over three weeks and I’m definitely calm.

Next week, I’m putting together a marketing plan to make release day a success. I’ll be arranging newsletter swaps for it–if any of you want in, just say the word!

Future WIPs

After Darkened Light, my publishing schedule looks like this:

BLOOD OF THE DRAGON (Relics of Ar’Zac, #3)

SHADOW IN AR’SANCIOND (Relics of Ar’Zac prequel)

BLOOD WISP (Blood Wisp, #1 | novella)

BLOOD SONG (Blood Wisp, #2 | novella)

BLOOD VOW (Blood Wisp, #3 | novella)

and then…

well, and then I’m changing genres for one series.

The next series after BLOOD WISP will be another novella series, and it’ll be a paranormal urban fantasy.

Why all the novellas? Why no sequel to DARKENED LIGHT? The sequel is definitely planned, but I realised this week that I don’t have the time for another full-length novel. Because of that, BLOOD OF THE DRAGON will be the last one until I can afford to do this full-time.

Money is coming in and progress is happening, but I don’t want to get your hopes up by saying DARKENED LIGHT #2 is my next priority. I do have lots of WIP plans, but no full-lengths novels until I have more time. Novellas are my future for now <3

That’s good news for you, tbh. I can write novellas faster and therefore (in theory, anyway) publish faster.

But we’ll see.

For August, this means I’ll edit as much of BLOOD OF THE DRAGON as I can so it can go to my editor. It’s about time I made progress!


The recommendations page I’ve hinted at here and there is almost ready. All being well, it’ll go live next week.

I’m really excited for this because it’ll have all my favourite tools, programs, and supplies in one handy page. If you ever wondered what I use and how I do what I do, this’ll make it easy!

Brighton Book Bash

I was somewhat surprised when my books arrived this week. I paid for the cheapest delivery option, so CreateSpace surprised me there!

I want to make a plan for the merchandise I’ll take with me. So far, I’m thinking bookmarks, tote bags, and mugs, but I’m open to suggestions! What’s your favourite bookish merchandise?

And that wraps up my goals for next month! It may not look like much, but I promise you once you add my editing jobs to the mix I’m rather busy.

What are your August goals? Make a tea, get some biscuits, and let’s talk about to-do lists!

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