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I bring exciting news, friends! The cover reveal for BLOOD OF THE DRAGON is HERE! <3 <3 <3

Hold on to your socks, my dears. Something stunning awaits below.

Are you ready?

*deep breath*

Here it is:

Cover Reveal for BLOOD OF THE DRAGON

Paschros kai zo. Fight strong and live.

And so she took one step at a time.

Without ever looking down.

Rachael’s worst nightmare and feared vision has come alive. Imprisoned on Kaethe in the Dark One’s temple, guarded by shadows, she can’t do anything but wait for death.

If only she could force her visions, or contact Cale and her Sparrows… but she’s never been able to control her gift, and her only friends are an ocean away, unaware that Rachael’s been kidnapped.

Even worse nightmares rise from the shadows. The Dark One grows stronger every day, and He’ll destroy the world if Rachael doesn’t find a way out.

To do that, she needs to force her visions, break the Dark One’s barrier on her mind, master her gift, and find a dragon willing to shed its blood for humanity…

But will it cost Rachael her life, her sanity, or both?

Cover Reveal for BLOOD OF THE DRAGON


I can’t stop looking at it <3

My cover designers over at Design for Writers always do fantastic work, but this? This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen*. And it’s all mine**.

**cries harder

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’ll be ages before it’s out, but I’m really bad at planning when I’ll need my covers. I’d rather sort them early than too late.

Between you and me, the quote on the front isn’t complete yet because I don’t have one. But the rest is final and very swoon-worthy, don’t you think? <3

So, no, this doesn’t mean that its release day is just around the corner, but it does mean that things are happening. BEAUTIFUL things, my dears.

If you don’t believe me, just go look at the cover again* o.o

*it’s what I do when I’m sad these days.

And, so you can appreciate my babies together, I’ll leave you on this:

Cover Reveal for BLOOD OF THE DRAGON


*cries some more*

And that’s the cover reveal for BLOOD OF THE DRAGON out in the world <3

Next month, I’ll have the cover for SHADOW IN AR’SANCIOND for you 😉 If you want to see it early like my subscribers did with today’s cover reveal , join my mailing list here and receive all updates before everyone else.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll prepare mentally for DARKENED LIGHT coming out in three days.

All content belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.

The gif came from giphy.

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  1. moonika moonika

    The cover is lovely, Sarina. Congrats! And all three look just amazing together.

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Thank you! I can’t wait to add the poster for Book 3 to my other two 😀

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Isn’t it? I’ve made it the lock screen on my phone because I can’t stop looking at it <3

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Thank you! <3

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