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HUGE Changes Are Coming to CookieBreak | Important, Please Read

As you’ve probably noticed, CookieBreak is a bit of a construction site at the moment. I realised earlier this week that I need/want to do a little more than I had originally planned – and since I’m about to do a site audit anyway, now is the perfect time.

I’ve decided to split my website into two. Maybe two and a blog.

If you want self-publishing tips, info on how to write your book, and self-publishing services like editing and mentoring, you can stay right here 🙂

If you want news about my books, cover reveals, ARCs and such, please note that I’m removing this element from this site. Instead, I’ll have a new, shiny author website which I’m working on right now and will go live soon 🙂

So, from now on, this website will be about your books, whereas the new site will be about my books.

In the long run I’ll need to change the URL for CookieBreak Copy too, since doesn’t really fit it anymore. But that’s nothing you need to worry about – I’ll give you the new link once it’s live 🙂

Until the move/split is complete, I won’t publish any new content that’s no longer got a home here.

What will happen to my book reviews?

In truth, I’m not sure yet. I’ll either delete them completely or I’ll make a new, free site where I can move them to. Not all of them, because I’ve done too many for that, but at least my favourites and everything from this year.

However, book reviews are gone from this website. It was a tough decision since they don’t really fit onto either site, but I think creating a free blog for my reviews only is the best decision. Or delete them. Either way, they can’t stay here.

Having said that, I will review the occasional book on writing and/or editing here since that’s relevant to your writing journey.

Will this affect my newsletters?

No. I already split my mailing lists earlier this year, so you don’t need to worry about moving again 🙂

However, you’ll only find the CookieBreak Writer’s Retreat list on this website from now on. Bookish with Sarina and my Sparrow Review Team are moving to my author website.

Likewise, you won’t find the Writer’s Retreat list on my author website.

Which categories are staying?

If you’ve found your way around by my categories before, here’s what you need to know:

A Writer’s Musings – STAY (possible re-naming)

All that I Can Be – MOVE (?)

Announcements – STAY (announcements like this one / MOVE (all other announcements)

Blogger Awards – DELETE

Book Reviews – MOVE (?)

Excerpts & Info – MOVE

Guest Posts – MERGE / STAY

Interviews – MERGE / STAY

Monday Shorts – DELETE

NaNoWriMo – STAY

Progress Updates – MOVE

Re-blogging – DELETE

WWW Wednesday – DELETE

As you can see, a tidy was overdue anyway 😛

Please note that, unless it says STAY, the content will disappear from this website. That doesn’t just include the category but all previous posts within that category as well.

To summarise it, neat and tidy:

CookieBreak Copy (this site right here) : self-publishing tips, info on how to write your book, self-publishing services, and the occasional ‘how-to’ review

Author website (shiny new site to come) : news and info about my books

Review blog (undecided) : all fiction book reviews

If you have any questions about the coming changes, ask away <3 I’ll keep you posted.

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