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How I’ve Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that, if you purchase Tailwind or get the trial via my links below, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I love Tailwind (especially for Instagram–it’s THE BEST) and use it myself, so you can be sure that this is a personal recommendation <3

Tailwind is one my favourite tools. You may have heard of it–it’sย an online scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram, and it has increased my blog traffic, my Pinterest exposure, and my Instagram following all on one super easy-to-use site.

Before Tailwind, I struggled with the following:

  • getting more traffic to my blog.
  • posting to Instagram at my best-exposure times.
  • being seen on Pinterest.
  • knowing what hashtags were best for my writerly Instagram account.

I’m far from being a pro, but thanks to Tailwind these things are either improving or simply easy now.

How does it do that?

Tailwind learns from your stats, so it suggests better times to post and higher impact hashtags. And the best part? It’s now partnered with Instagram, which is my favourite thing to happen to social media all year!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. What does Tailwind do?

It identifies the times most of your followers are active on Pinterest and Instagram. This allows you to post when you reach the most people without any extra hassle for you!

For me, this means I can enjoy my evenings after work and my weekends, rather than stress over posting on Instagram at 9.10pm because that’s when most of my followers are around.

Since I started using Tailwind again earlier this year, my Pinterest followers have increased from 60-something to over 200. Still small numbers perhaps, but to me that’s huge–especially when you consider that I’m really still barely using Pinterest at all!

That’s minimum effort = BIG results. And things are looking even better on Instagram, where I struggled to get over 40 likes most days. I recently got over 80 likes on a Saturday, which I had accepted as my quietest day!

But those are just my results. Every year, Tailwind publish their typical results across all Pinterest members, which should give you an even better idea of what it can do.

At the end of this post, I’ll tell you more about their free trialor you can subscribe outright if I convince you ๐Ÿ˜‰

How I've Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind

Tailwind and Pinterest

Pinterest is Tailwind’s natural, original habitat. Bloggers and writers all over the world use it to share their posts, inspiration boards, and ultimately drive more traffic to their blogs.

But that’s hard to do when your audience is online at 2am, and when you’ll get back more the more you pin. I don’t know about you, but I’m too busy to be there all the time. I want to be asleep at 2am, not sit at my computer!

Enter Tailwind.

Tailwind identifies the best times (read: times for maximum traffic) to post, and then posts your pins automatically. It’s a super easy way of being on Pinterest during your busiest hours without needing to be on Pinterest.

How I've Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind - Tailwind Schedule

(More below on why my scheduler is so empty.)

Since I started using Tailwind for Pinterest, my blog traffic has gone up. Before Tailwind, I was lucky to get 10 blog views a day. With Tailwind, I sometimes get more than a hundred views on one post in just one day!

Still small numbers compared to the big bloggers, but for me that’s a huge increase–all the more so because I’m barely using it at all.

Why do I barely use it if it’s so perfect?

Right now, Tailwind is only available as a website and as an Apple app. It’s not available for my Android yet, and since I do most of my Pinterest-ing on the go, I’m not using it as much as I could.

But still my follower numbers and traffic have steadily increased thanks to Tailwind. That’s why I said above that it’sย minimum effort = BIG results!

Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are like super groups. They are similar to Pinterest group boards, but most expect you to share one post by someone else for every post you share from your own site. That keeps it fair and makes sure that no one is just there to help themselves.

How I've Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind - Tailwind Tribes

Once on Tailwind, you can search for tribes by specific interests like writing or self-publishing. Joining is as easy as clicking a button, and once you’re in you’re in.

I’ve seen mixed results from tribes but mostly, they’ve driven more traffic to CookieBreak. As a general rule, smaller tribes mean more traffic because your post is less likely to get lost in hundreds of daily posts.

I recommend you join a few–say, around five–and keep an eye on whether your content gets shared. If it doesn’t, leave (also at the click of a button) and try another tribe.

Fortunately, Tailwind keeps track for you, which makes identifying tribes you don’t get any traffic from easy.

Tailwind and Instagram

This is where I get excited. Tailwind + Instagram is a match made in heaven, if you ask me! Posting is easier for me, it suggests hashtags (colour-coded by competition!!), and it can post when I wouldn’t normally be on social media.

Tailwind is a partner of Instagram, which means that Instagram doesn’t penalise your account for using their scheduler. That already sounds pretty good, right? There’s more!

Because they are partners, Tailwind has access to your Instagram account’s data–including the best times to post and suggested hashtags plus how competitive they are so you can use hashtags with a higher chance of getting your posts seen.

AND if you’ve upgraded your Instagram account to a business account (which is free and easy as pie), you don’t even need to be present when your schedule reaches a post. Tailwind posts it automatically, unlike other schedulers which only remind you that you meant to post at this time.

How I've Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind - Tailwind Instagram Hashtag Suggestions

I prefer not to use social media much at the weekends or late in the evening, so this is brilliant because I can still post without needing to be there.

But what I love above all that is that I can schedule my Instagram posts on their website rather than in the app. It’s easier for me because I type much faster than I swipe. Also, auto-correct isn’t an issue this way.

Instead of spending maybe 20-30 minutes taking the picture, editing it, preparing it in Instagram (and occasionally getting frustrated because Instagram closes my progress and I have to start over or loses my post in the queue), I spend half that. Five minutes taking and editing the picture, and another five quickly typing my caption online. DONE.

Tailwind and Instagram… and Pinterest

Tailwind was a Pinterest scheduler first, so of course there’s a way for your scheduled Instagram posts to automatically post to a Pinterest board of your choice, too. You can set a board as default and it will remember it for your next post.

How I've Massively Increased My Traffic with Tailwind - Tailwind Instagram Hashtag Suggestions

This way, you post from Tailwind–a Pinterest scheduler–to Instagram which posts to Pinterest which lets people follow you on Instagram… from Pinterest–pinsception!

What a time to be alive ๐Ÿ˜›

You get even more out of it like that because you’re posting to two platforms at once, bringing you more Pinterest exposure and Instagram exposure with one click.

Any Downsides?

The Tailwind app is only available on Apple right now. I’ve signed up to be informed when it’s available for Android, and that the option is there tells me they are working on it.

Until it becomes available, I use Tailwind to schedule things like the pages on this blog or new posts. I use Pinterest for all other browsing, because I do most of that on the go.

Once it’s available for Android, I’ll fill all schedule slots (of which you can have as many as you want–I have 15-20 every day) and see what that does for my traffic. Given how much it’s driving to me already with barely any work, I’m excited to see what that’ll do.

The only other thing you might care about is that there’s no emoji integration. So, if you like to add all the hearts and other emojis to your Instagram posts, you’ll need to do it from your phone. Great if that’s what you were planning anyway, easy to fix if you’d rather do it all on a computer, like me.

Also, sometimes it loses my ‘formatting.’ It’s fine when you have normal paragraphs, but when I post my weekly goals, for example, I like to set each new goal with a pen emoji. When it posts to Instagram, it loses my paragraphs and throws everything or most into one, which makes it harder to read.

Having said all that, the Instagram integration is still in its early days. It works fine with its current features (I should know, I use it almost every day), and their support is so good I have every confidence they’ll sort out the smaller glitches soon, too.

Let’s summarise…

Here are the downsides:

  • It’s not available on Android yet, only on Apple.
  • There’s no emoji integration.
  • It’s great for Instagram but it’s in its early days, so some initial issues are still getting fixed.

Here’s why Tailwind is great:

  • It’s partnered with Instagram, so there’s no penalty to your Instagram exposure!
  • Tailwind allows you to post without needing to be there at the time.
  • It can automatically post to Instagram with an Instagram business account.
  • There’s more traffic for your blog!
  • Tailwind identifies the best times to post on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • When posting to Instagram, it suggests the best hashtags with the smallest competition.

Free Trial

If I’ve made you curious, there’s a free trial which allows you to schedule 100 pins a month for Pinterest and 31 posts for Instagram.

I strongly recommend you give it a try. If you don’t like it, you won’t have spent any money, and if you do fall in love with it, you essentially got a month for free!

Are you using Tailwind already or do you have any questions about it? Make a tea, get a mince pie (it’s almost December so it’s definitely not too early, right?), and let’s chat! <3

Enjoyed this post? Why not pin it to Pinterest or maybe even try your new Tailwind scheduler? I’d really appreciate the share if you found my post useful <3

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  1. I love Tailwind! I use it for my Pinterest scheduling and it has increased my traffic tremendously! I haven’t used the Instagram portion of Tailwind yet, but it’s great to know that it posts on your behalf instead of having to go on and post it yourself. Thanks!

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      It does, but only if you’ve upgraded your Instagram account to a business account. If you haven’t done that yet, I recommend you do for Tailwind reasons and because IG gives you some useful/interesting insights ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s free and really quick to do!

      • My Instagram is a business account. Now, is it a separate payment from the Pinterest payment? It’s always confused me. ๐Ÿ˜…

        • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

          I think so, yes. I haven’t upgraded mine yet because I’m still in the trial, but will upgrade next week and get back to you ๐Ÿ™‚

          • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

            You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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