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Book Review: The Writer’s Guide to Psychology by Carolyn Kaufman

Book Review: The Writer's Guide to Psychology by Carolyn Kaufman

“An accurate and accessible survey of modern psychological theory and practice, this reference offers professional writers practical advice for incorporating psychological elements into their work.”

Book Review: The Writer's Guide to Psychology by Carolyn Kaufman

What I thought:

Ignore that blurb, friends. It doesn’t do this guide justice. The Writer’s Guide to Psychology is so much more than long sentences and big words!

It’s simple: if you’re a fiction writer of any genre, you need to read Kaufman’s guide.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to become a psychology expert to write your book. A basic understanding, however, is a must.

If you don’t think psychology comes into your writing, think again. It’s a part of your story if you have characters, which is… everyone of us. There’s psychology behind everything we do (say, every argument or every reaction). That can’t not affect your characters!

There’s another reason every writer should read this, too. I think we have an obligation to every mentally ill person of any psychological disorder to represent them properly. The number of writers who think a split personality is the same as schizophrenia is too damn high, my fellow writers!

Accurate representation matters so, so much, and The Writer’s Guide to Psychology will help you do it. It’s not a dry read either–there’s a quiz at the front and Kaufman’s tone is lighthearted, so it’s not a difficult read.

You don’t need to read the whole book (it’s short–232 pages) in one go if psychology really isn’t your thing. Just dip into the chapter relevant to your character and learn what you need.

As writers, we have to do our research and we have to do it right. This book will help you do just that so you’re clear on symptoms, behaviours, and don’t confuse DID and schizophrenia.

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  1. This sounds quite interesting eve if you weren’t going to write it into a book

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      It’s such an interesting read. If you have an interest in psychology, I recommend it regardless πŸ™‚

      • Thanks I might try it πŸ˜€

  2. Great review, Sarina! I’ve been looking for a good reference guide for ages.

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Thank you, and you’re welcome! If you need more info than this little guide has, you can always do more research, but you’ll at least have a good starting point and a clearer idea of what you need!

  3. Great review! I came across this guide when I was looking for books to help my character development and I immediately added it to my wish list. I’m definitely putting a big star next to it on my Christmas list this year.

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      It’s so good! Everything is explained really well, so there are no misunderstandings. I’m actually reading it for enjoyment πŸ˜›

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