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Book Review: 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K.M. Weiland

Book Review: 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K.M. Weiland

“Want to take your writing to the next level? Discover the “secrets” of story structure other authors are overlooking! 

If you’ve read all the books on story structure and concluded there has to be more to it than just three acts and a couple of plot points, then you’re absolutely right! It’s time to notch up your writing education from “basic” to “black belt.” Internationally published author K.M. Weiland shares five “secret” techniques of advanced story structure. 

In the multi-award-winning Structuring Your Novel, Weiland showed writers how to use a strong three-act structure to build a story with the greatest possible impact on readers. Now it’s time to take that knowledge to the next level. 

In this supplemental book, you’ll learn: 

Why the Inciting Event isn’t what you’ve always thought it is 
What your Key Event is and how to stop putting it in the wrong scene 
How to identify your Pinch Points—and why they can make the middle of your book easier to write 
How to create the perfect Moment of Truth to move your protagonist from reaction to action 
How to ace your story’s Climactic Moment every single time 
And much more! 

By the time you’ve finished this quick read, you’ll know more about story structure than the vast majority of aspiring authors will ever know—and you’ll be ready to write an amazing novel that stands above the crowd.”

Book Review: 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K.M. Weiland

What I thought:

Remember how I said in my review for Outlining Your Novel (also by K.M. Weiland) that it’s the most important book on writing I’ve ever read or that it’s at least extremely high up there?


I think 5 Secrets of Story Structure is gonna fight it for attention.

If you treat yourself to any one book on writing this year, please, for the love of the Mighty Cuddle Kittens, make it this one.

(And/Or Outlining Your Novel. I guess any K.M. Weiland guide would do? Seriously consider this one though.)

Because Weiland explains the method she herself uses to write killer novels (the first few I’ve now added to my Next Book Haul list on Goodreads after reading this book–clearly this lady knows how to write a book. Please, hurt me.), and she explains them in detail with examples from other novels and movies, so you can exploit them for everything they have in your own books.

Take a look at some of your favorite movies. Observe how the protagonist will be straining his brain to comprehend the conflict in the First Half. Watch the light dawn in his eyes at the Midpoint. And then take a look at how he shifts into determined and enlightened action in the second half.

Once again, I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of notes and once again, I had to overhaul my plotting worksheet. My future WIPs will benefit from this SO MUCH.

‘But, Sarina,’ I hear you think (I’m psychic), ‘my novel defies genres and structures. I don’t want it to be like every other book out there.’ I get that, but consider this:

Every single book and movie I’d ever enjoyed followed standard story structure to a T. All that variety! All that brilliance! And structure was what was holding it up. Not inhibiting it or contorting it to fit stereotypes, but actually allowing the authors’ creativity to flourish and succeed.

All the most popular novels and movies follow the same structure without getting boring or repetitive. We love them, and there’s a reason they work even though the same structure upholds all of them.

In 5 Secrets of Story Structure, K.M. Weiland teaches you what makes them work and how you can use the same structure in your own WIP to create a killer novel that will break your readers and have them coming back for more.

Chances are, you’re already applying some structure to your novels. You might not be doing it on purpose, but I bet you do it all the same. Why not learn how to get the most out of what you already do?


(Plus points, K.M. Weiland, for using District 9 as an example several times–that movie doesn’t get enough love!)

Want to learn how to write an incredible book that will hurt your readers in all the right ways at all the right moments? Look no further.

Buy it on Amazon.

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