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Freelance Writing Portfolio

As a self-published author and editor, I specialise in every aspect of the writer’s life and self-publishing journey, including drafting, character development, world building, and editing. Social media, marketing your book, and being organised are further specialities as these form important parts of any writer’s life.

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Examples of my work:

Articles on Writing

Self-Doubt & Writer’s Block

What Do Beta Readers Do?

Your Character’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Creating Characters Your Readers Will Love – The Anti-Baddie

Articles on Editing

What to Expect When You’re Editing

Articles on Being an Organised Writer

How to Make Sense of All that Beta Reader Feedback

How to Use Your Bullet Journal in a Minimalist Way Without Losing Big Chunks of Time

Articles on Social Media

Social Media Etiquette


“Sarina’s knowledge of editing is expansive and well-informed. In a recent guest post, she provided insightful information regarding the various stages of and the importance of manuscript editing. As an editor, she promises a critical eye and a determination to assist writers. As an author herself, she knows firsthand the process of working with editors and that experience enriches her own abilities as an editor. I would highly recommend trusting Sarina with your work. Reliable and credible, she has the right attitude that will help you transform your manuscript from passable to brilliant!”

— Faith Rivens, author andΒ blogger

“Sarina is a stunning writer. Her style is effortless and informative, she makes her work easy to read and understand allowing readers to learn without confusion. The posts she has written on my blog have been on topics specific to my niche and loved by all my readers. Highly recommend her writing services if you want that little extra for your work.”

— R. S. Williams, author and blogger

“When I first started accepting Guest Bloggers on my website, Sarina was one of the first writers I turned to. I had read some of her work before and found her style of writing to be inviting and comfortable. The post she turned in to me was exactly what I was looking for. It touched on a fairly sensitive subject, yet Sarina handled it well, sharing just enough of her own experiences to let the reader know she understood. Because of the quality of her writing, I have extended an open invitation to Sarina to write additional guest blogs whenever she had something to share.”

— Michael Chrobak, author and blogger

“When I started the author guest post series on my blog, one of the first authors I contacted was Sarina Langer. I know Sarina’s writing and editing skills to be of an extremely high standard, and the blog post reflected her dedication and skill. Her punctuality, communication, and execution has always been one hundred percent reliable, and I personally highly recommend Sarina whether it be for editing purposes or freelance work.”
— K.J. Chapman, author and blogger

I look forward to working with you,