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Freelance Writer | Examples & Testimonials

Are you looking for a freelance self-publishing writer for your blog, author website,

or writing business?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Striking the right balance between being professional and being informal is difficult (it was my own hardest struggle when I first created CookieBreak!). You want to be professional enough that people believe in you and your brand, but not so much they don’t see your personality. After all, sounding too professional can be just as off-putting as being too casual!

But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Let me do the writing for you so you can take a break with cookies and tea (or coffee, whatever your fuel).

Let’s take a look at how I can help:

Want proof?

Here are some of the posts commissioned by bloggers and authors:

10 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Editor

Self-Doubt & Writer’s Block

What to Expect When You’re Editing

How to Use Your Bullet Journal in a Minimalist Way Without Losing Big Chunks of Time

“Sarina is a stunning writer. Her style is effortless and informative, she makes her work easy to read and understand allowing readers to learn without confusion. The posts she has written on my blog have been on topics specific to my niche and loved by all my readers. Highly recommend her writing services if you want that little extra for your work.”

— R. S. Williams, author and blogger

Want more?

I have built a community of almost 2000 readers and writers on my blog.

This post was featured in the December ’17 issue of Blogosphere Magazine.

This post has received nearly 300 social shares on my blog.

This post has received over 300 shares on Pinterest.

So Why Hire Me?

I created my own blog CookieBreak a little over three years ago, and understand how difficult it is to strike that balance between sounding professional and sounding informal enough that your readers want to connect with you. Personality and quality content are vital to any blog post or article, and I deliver both.

I’m a fantasy (sometimes sci-fi) author and editor, and know what my readers and authors need to get the most out of their manuscripts. Whether you want a post or article about the craft of writing, the art of building your author platform and marketing yourself and your books, or the importance of a good editor, I’m your girl!

If you’re interested in working together, simply fill in this form and I promise to respond within 24 hours 🙂


“Sarina is one of the most dedicated writers I know. She brings a great deal of dedication, passion, and poise to every creative project, whether that’s a novel or a guest post for a blog. Recently, Sarina not only drafted a top-notch guest post for my website, but also created images and optimized the post for SEO. No matter what project you have in mind, if it involves writing, I cannot recommend Sarina enough.”

–Briana Morgan, editor and author

“Sarina is a joy to work with. She has huge amounts of enthusiasm and dedication, as well as being a clear communicator and a talented author.”

— Glynn Seal, cartographer

“I was delighted to welcome Sarina on my website as a Guest Blogger on a topic of interest to fellow writers as well as readers. Sarina has an engaging writing style and the post she wrote for me was inspiring and informative. It was thoroughly edited and word perfect. I would love to have Sarina back on the blog again soon.”

— Alison Ripley Cubitt, author and screenwriter

“When I first started accepting Guest Bloggers on my website, Sarina was one of the first writers I turned to. I had read some of her work before and found her style of writing to be inviting and comfortable. The post she turned in to me was exactly what I was looking for. It touched on a fairly sensitive subject, yet Sarina handled it well, sharing just enough of her own experiences to let the reader know she understood. Because of the quality of her writing, I have extended an open invitation to Sarina to write additional guest blogs whenever she had something to share.”

— Michael Chrobak, author and blogger

“When I started the author guest post series on my blog, one of the first authors I contacted was Sarina Langer. I know Sarina’s writing and editing skills to be of an extremely high standard, and the blog post reflected her dedication and skill. Her punctuality, communication, and execution has always been one hundred percent reliable, and I personally highly recommend Sarina whether it be for editing purposes or freelance work.”
— K.J. Chapman, author and blogger

“Sarina’s knowledge of editing is expansive and well-informed. In a recent guest post, she provided insightful information regarding the various stages of and the importance of manuscript editing. As an editor, she promises a critical eye and a determination to assist writers. As an author herself, she knows firsthand the process of working with editors and that experience enriches her own abilities as an editor. I would highly recommend trusting Sarina with your work. Reliable and credible, she has the right attitude that will help you transform your manuscript from passable to brilliant!”

— Faith Rivens, author and blogger

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sarina in several different capacities. Every instance had been an absolute pleasure. Sarina is so kind and easy to work with, as she communicates effectively in all her writing. She understands the challenges faced by both authors and editors and is sensitive to them. Sarina is more than welcome on my site anytime.
— Dana Fraedrich, author and blogger