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Self-Publishing Services

CookieBreak Copy self-publishing services | fiction editor, self-publishing coach, fantasy author

I offer a variety of self-publishing services. No matter where you are in your writing journey, I want to help you reach your goals!

Need an editor? A mentor to help you along your first self-publishing adventure? Or just a guide you can read in your own time? I’m here to help 🙂

“No matter what project you have in mind, if it involves writing, I cannot recommend Sarina enough.”

Briana Morgan, editor and urban fantasy/ paranormal/ horror author

Self-Publishing Services

The From Idea to Self-Published Guide

My freebies are my cheapest self-publishing services, because they are FREE! 😉

Subscribers to my mailing list CookieBreak Writer’s Retreat get exclusive content for free, such as my From Idea to Self-Published guide book.

The guide takes you through all the basics from writing your book’s first word to after you’ve published it. That’s 50+ pages of free content!

Other freebies include a novel project planner, questionnaires, and more freebies–such as a paperback and eBook formatting guide–are on their way.

I also send out bi-weekly writing tips and advice, and once a month I recommend a book on writing or editing to help you grow your skills.

Sound useful? Sign up here and collect the From Idea to Self-Published guide today.

“I am pleased to say that I have Sarina on my team. I was stuck as to where to go in some aspects of my outline so I sent it over to her to help me out. She offered detailed feedback in several areas and opened my eyes to solutions I had never thought of before. She posed meaningful questions that allowed me to dive deeper into aspects of my novel I had yet to think about. She is extremely kind, thoughtful, and very much willing to help anyone at any stage in their novel. Conversations with Sarina are genuine and I can tell she really cares about my works. I am extremely appreciative to have had her assistance and will be using her again in the future!

MC Beeler, fantasy writer

Self-Publishing Coach

This service is perfect for new writers who haven’t self-published before and for previously self-published authors who were disappointed with the experience.

If you want to tackle self-publishing the right way, like the idea of doing it together or would simply like a few pointers, I’d love to help!

I can help with:

  • Building your author platform.
  • Creating your brand.
  • Finding the right professional (like your cover designer or editor) for your book.
  • Preparing for launch.
  • Marketing options.
  • Finishing your first draft.

You can choose between a monthly 30-minute slot or a 60-minute slot.

30 minutes/month – £50

60 minutes/month – £75

You don’t have to decide right away how many sessions you’d like. Simply let me know when you’d like to end the sessions, and we’ll have one last session to wrap everything up!

Interested? Ask for more info.

“I would highly recommend trusting Sarina with your work. Reliable and credibleshe has the right attitude that will help you transform your manuscript from passable to brilliant!”

Faith Rivens, urban fantasy author

Editor & Proofreader

These are my most popular self-publishing services.

I edit a variety of genres (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary) and their sub genres. If you’re not sure whether your book falls into one of the above, please get in touch and we can discuss what I can do for you! 🙂

So you can make sure I’m the right editor for you and your book, I offer a free sample edit of your first chapter or your first three pages–whichever ends first 🙂

Here’s what I offer and what each edit entails:

Developmental Edit / Structural Edit

In a developmental edit, I focus on large-scale problems and look at your story as a whole. Does the plot make sense? Do any chapters need to be fleshed out more? Does a character need to be cut or rewritten because he doesn’t add anything to the plot?

Changes suggested in a developmental edit will take more time and effort to fix, but will improve your story overall.

If you pay for a developmental edit, I also throw in a line edit and a proofread 🙂

For a developmental edit, I charge £0.020/word.

Line Edit / Copy Edit

In a line edit, I look at your individual sentences and paragraphs. Is a sentence hard to understand? Do you use any clichés? Are any words, phrases or ideas repeated often?

While changes suggested during a line edit are usually easier for you to apply, this round can take the longest since I look at every individual sentence.

My line edits also include a free proofread.

For a line edit, I charge £0.015/word.

Sarina literally saved my dissertation from being an average to an outstanding one. She was not just an editor, but a friend throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Sarina for her professionalism and dedicationThank you Sarina.”

Rose Chaplan, literature student


I check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It’s normally the last thing you do, when you’re certain your manuscript is ready and polished otherwise.

I recommend you get a proofread after your betas have gone over your book so you don’t accidentally introduce new errors after your professional edit.

For a proofread, I charge £0.010/word.

Manuscript Evaluation

If you’d like to make sure your book is heading in the right direction or if you’d like some basic feedback before jumping into larger edits, I’m happy to evaluate your manuscript.

My feedback includes a summary of your strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions for improvements and what other steps you might want to consider before publication.

The evaluation fee is a one-off payment of £50, or £75 for books over 100,000 words.

Outline First Aid

This is for you if you’ve written an outline but have some holes you’re not sure how to fill, or if you’re generally struggling with your novel’s outline. It’s the perfect option if you’d like to make sure that your structure is sound before you start writing.

I will check your outline for structural weaknesses and suggest important plot points you might be missing. If there’s something specific you’d like me to focus on, such as tension points, I can do that too.

The fee is a one-off payment of £25.

Blurb Polish

Summarising your plot in just a few intriguing lines without giving anything away is hard. I’ve been there.

I can help you structure your blurb, make it exciting and enticing, and work with you to make sure it suits your style and story.

A blurb polish is the cheapest edit I offer at £20 per blurb, or £15 if I also edited your book.

“With Sarina, your manuscript is in the best hands. She not only gives advice and constructive notes which help you learn and improve your writing, her friendly attitude makes working with her like chatting with a friend. Extremely pleased with the work Sarina has done for me and I would highly recommend her as an editor.”

Rhianne Williams, adventure author


Contact me if you know what you’d like.

I respond within twenty-four hours or on Monday if you email me over the weekend 🙂


As every author knows, asking us to condense our book into a compelling yet succinct blurb is like asking us to cut down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring. Sarina made this process infinitely easier, zeroing in on the hooks of my story and pulling them to the forefront, helping me polish and hone their points and cutting all the deadweight I originally had away. Thank you so much, Sarina!

Dana Fraedrich, steampunk author

Sarina has been a tremendous help and inspiration in my debut publishing path. She takes her job as an editor seriously but she’s got such a light heart & humour that you look forward to get her notes every week. Her support and advice have really helped me with my own debut novel and I really couldn’t have done it without her. 
You won’t be disappointed if you book Sarina to edit your stories. In fact, you’ll be extremely grateful and satisfied.

Villimey Sigurbjörnsdóttir, urban fantasy author

“Sarina is outstandingly professional, always a pleasure to work with and I love collaborating with her on projects. Sarina really knows her stuff and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Rebecca Browne, interior book designer and formatter