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CookieBreak Writer’s Retreat

Welcome to the CookieBreak Writer’s Retreat – my mailing list for writers <3 If you subscribe, you’ll receive:

  • bi-weekly writing resources to help you take your WIP to the next level.
  • monthly book recommendations to help you develop your craft and business.
  • my novel project planner, which you can download and use as and when you need it. It will guide you through plotting your WIP, and hopefully make it a little easier for you if you struggle with the initial outline.
  • From Idea to Self-Published – 60 pages of writing, self-publishing, and marketing help. I’ve also thrown in three downloadable and printable worksheets for you 😉 Keep scrolling for a look at the contents!

Inside this guide, you can find the following:

Hi There, My Fellow Writer!

Chapter 1 – What Does ‘Success’ Mean to You?

Chapter 2 – Let Go of Perfection, It Doesn’t Exist

Chapter 3 – Social Media

Chapter 4 – How to Be Professional

Chapter 5 – …But We Were Writing a Book, Weren’t We? Let’s Get to It!

Chapter 6 – The Beautiful Beast that is NaNoWriMo

Chapter 7 – What’s Scrivener?

Chapter 8 – Writing the Blurb (My Nemesis I)

Chapter 9 – Finding a Title (My Nemesis II)

Chapter 10 – The Holy Trinity of Fantasy Writing

Chapter 11 – Critique Partners and Beta Readers

Chapter 12 – Your Book’s Front Matter

Chapter 13 – Goodreads

Chapter 14 – How to Prepare Your Book Baby for Its Big Day

Chapter 15 – Launch Day and After

Chapter 16 – The Cost of Self-Publishing

Chapter 17 – Time to Register as Self-Employed and Keep Track of Your Taxes!

Chapter 18 – Look After Yourself—Don’t Burn Out

Chapter 19 – Book Recommendations


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