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#FictFBFeb17 Days 25-28 & Progress Update (incl. excerpt!)

Can you believe it’s March already? I have so many exciting things to share with you next month, and a lot of prep work to do before then, so I’ll keep this short. Relatively speaking 🙂 I’ve got the final four days of #FictFBFeb17 for you, I’ve got news on how my own edits on Wardens on Archos are progressing, I’ve got news on my newsletter, and I’ve got a short excerpt for you! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted one, so I figured it was about time 🙂

~ #FictFBFeb17 ~

Fictional Flashback February is the hashtag created by my sister in spirit Faith Rivens, who blogs over here – check it out if you’re after great writing tips and even better writing! Using this hashtag to introduce our characters was a really fun thing to do, and I’m looking forward to the next one in May <3 This time I posted on Twitter as well as Instagram, which needed graphics to go with the brief insights. I’m not sure if I’ll use both again since creating the graphics takes time every morning, but I’ll definitely join in again on Twitter!

Thank you, Faith, for a great way of introducing our characters <3

Day 25Fifty

Day 26Fulfil

Day 27Future

Day 28Finish

~ Wardens of Archos ~

Exciting news, everyone! I passed the half-way mark in the first edit! Next week I’m hoping to reach page 90, and then I’ll be asking for beta readers before you know it … But more on that nearer the time 🙂 After how difficult this first edit has been I’m dying to print the whole thing and go over it with my red pen and highlighters, tea on standby. My editor lady will do a developmental edit at the same time, too, which is something I didn’t do with Rise of the Sparrows. By the time it reaches my betas it should be in pretty neat condition!

~ Newsletter – Coming soon! ~

At the beginning of January I went over my plans for this year. Setting up a newsletter was one of them, and it’s now very nearly done! Next week it’ll be ready to go, and I’ll be able to tell you more about what benefits the newsletter would give you exactly. For now, think exclusive early access to cover reveals, giveaways, release dates – but I’m getting carried away. More next week 😉

~ Short Excerpt ~

It’s been a while since I posted an excerpt! As I’m editing I’m marking sections which will hopefully give you an insight into the second book without giving away any spoilers. I’ve got a couple more marked which I’ll post soon, too 🙂

For now, have this brief excerpt:

Rachael raised a weak hand to her cheek, and felt along the smooth cut the assassin had left. Kiana believed it would scar. Did she mind? A scar was proof that she had fought and survived. She wasn’t ashamed of it, and she didn’t want to hide it. She had earned that scar fighting for her life and defending a friend. It was proof that she was stronger now than she had been a year ago. It was proof that she wouldn’t be killed so easily.

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Progress Update – Breakthrough!

A Book's Progress 3

Isn’t it amazing funny annoying when you have a bunch of plans, but then your throat turns into sandpaper and suddenly everything hurts and people won’t stop saying things like “Wow, you’re coughing a lot!” (Trust me, I’ve noticed) This is my life since Wednesday-

coughing fit

Despite that, I’ve got a fair amount done. I’ve got 5,4K written on Relics of Ar’Zac #2, which brings the total to just over 50K.

I’ve finally cracked down on this personal, grown-up thing I needed to do and have been putting off for months, too, so, while doing that meant that I had less time to write, I’m relieved to be nearly done with it.

But, more importantly, I had a small breakthrough on Tuesday! As you know I made the drastic but very necessary decision last week to cut all 9,5K words from my sci-fi’s WIP. Ideas still wouldn’t come, and by Tuesday I was quite fed up with waiting for something to happen on its own (because that usually works *ahem*). So I did the only logical thing – I got my book of baby names and started leafing through it, hoping that something would spark an idea.

And you know what?


happy dance

All plot bunnies are fixed now 🙂 Before I begin writing the novel itself, however, I’ll write a prequel novella, just for myself, which will set up the events in Immortals (Temp. Title). I don’t think I’ve ever had this many ideas for this WIP in one go before, so I take that as a good sign.

Immortals (temp. title) is back on track, and powering ahead! 🙂

happy dance 2

(You’re waiting for the but, aren’t you? Well, here ya go- )

Having said that, next week Thursday my routine is going to suffer a bit of a shock to its system. I’m used to writing in the morning for at least an hour, and I’m also someone who can’t concentrate if there are any distractions around, so things like our TV and YouTube are off when I write. As of next week Thursday, I won’t be home alone anymore in the mornings, and I don’t yet know how that’s going to affect my routine. It’s all for a good reason though, so don’t worry 🙂 I am genuinely happy and thrilled about this change to our lives, but my routine won’t get through it unscathed. I’m hoping to have a better idea of how things are going to work by next week Friday.

As if my Sellybean isn’t enough of a distraction!

Until then, have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



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Progress Update – Decisions were made!

A Book's Progress 3

Phew, it’s been a busy two weeks! How are you guys? 🙂

I’ve got a bit to report on each WIP, so I’ll put this post into sections and you can skip the ones you don’t care about 🙂

General News

CookieBreak had a makeover! Do you like it? 🙂 There are still a few things I want to mess about with, but for the most part this is my little blog’s new look!


I’ve also done some renovations over on Pinterest, and will use it more actively from now on. I didn’t even realise you could use it like that until recently, so I’m still excited about all the possibilities. If you’ve got an account, you can stalk me here and we can stalk each other 🙂

I’ve decided to cut back drastically on the excerpts I share on here. It was different when I was working on Rise of the Sparrows since that was the first in the series, but now that I’m working on the sequel I don’t want to spoil anything – no matter how tiny the excerpt. I might post an excerpt from time to time, but it won’t be often. I might, however, share excerpts from Soul of the Heart since that’s the first in its series 🙂


Relics of Ar’Zac #2

I didn’t get quite as much done as I wanted this week since I was recovering catching up from when my parents were visiting, and the word count has suffered a little because of it. In total I only managed 1,764 words, which isn’t much but it’s better than nothing.

Most of the characters who needed names have been named now, and a side character has unexpectedly grown into a much more exciting one. Now if that isn’t progress… 😉 On top of that, several plot bunnies have been resolved and I’ve got a clear idea of what needs to happen in the second half now, so all in all it’s been a successful week 🙂

Soul of the Heart

Last week Tuesday I announced my new WIP! Soul of the Heart is a provisional title, so don’t get used to it 🙂

In case you missed the post, you can visit it via the link above or you can simply have a read through the first shared excerpt now:

Soul of the Heart Intro

Immortals (temp. title)

Last night I made the executive decision to cut all 9,5K words from my WIP. This might seem a little extreme, but it wasn’t going anywhere and the whole thing felt stale, even with a lot of unresolved plot bunnies and even though I’ve barely started. So I’m starting over. I’ll keep everything I had so far around in a separate folder, but I doubt I’ll be using it again for this draft. It’s for the best, trust me ^-^

She’s helping me plot by sitting on my wrist!

That’s it for this week! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ^-^



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Progress Update – Halfway There!

A Book's Progress 3It’s been a busy two weeks! As you know, my goal was to write 20K in those two weeks, to reach the midpoint before my parents come to visit on Sunday. Did I manage that? Well, not quite. Well…

I did reach the midpoint in the draft, but I didn’t reach the midpoint as far as the word count is concerned. Then again, I feel like I have more left to write than I’ve written already, so I’m fairly sure I’m still on track 🙂 When I set my total word count goal it was mainly to have the progress bar in Scrivener slowly turn from red to orange to yellow to green, but since I don’t know how many words I’ll actually end up having… You all know how it is 🙂

Anyway! This week, I’ve written 6,398 words – which still isn’t too shabby and not that far off my goal of 8K. This brings the current total to…


The main reason it didn’t go as smoothly this week is that I don’t have the second half of this draft as planned out as I had the first. Now things are slowly falling into place, and I’ll take some time next week to think about where things are going, and whether I’m happy with the direction it’s currently taking.

My Sellybean helped me write on Wednesday.

I have a lot of people and places to name!! I’ll get on that next week, too 🙂 Once I’ve done that, I’ll be able to fill in my sketch of the world map a little more, too, so I might have an updated version of that soon 😉

Since I’ll be preoccupied next week with entertaining my parents, there won’t be a Progress Update on Friday. All other posts have been scheduled, but I don’t know how much time I’ll have to pop in and reply to your comments. I’ll try to stay caught up on your blogs so I don’t have as much catching up to do when I get back.

There are a couple of things to look out for next week. The first one being a big visual make-over to Cookie Break! My little blog has had the same look ever since I first started it over a year ago, and while I’ve done some smaller bits I feel that it’s time for a change. I’ve got a few things in mind and will hopefully find a moment to play around with that next week. Probably while my parents weep over the state of my garden and start weeding with or without my permission (which they totally have – someone should do it, and for some reason they enjoy it)

book delivery
Treated myself to some books on Tuesday <3 There goes the whole no-more-books-until-I’ve-read-the-ones-I-already-have! thing

The second one is kinda huge, and it’ll be announced on Tuesday 😉 I’m really excited to finally share it with you, so please pop in if you get a chance ^-^

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 🙂



Progress Update – Now THAT is Progress!

A Book's Progress 3

Some immense progress was made this week 😉

Somehow, I’ve managed to write 10,000 words in four days!


I KNOW! 😀 Now I just need to do it again next week, and I’ll have reached my target of 20K in two weeks.

Huh. Maybe I am cut out for this NaNo thing after all 😛

But let me give you some figures:

word count week 04072016

So far this week I’ve done 10,039, which brings the current total to…


Not too shabby for one week! ^-^ I don’t think I’ll have more time today because I’ve got a birthday to prepare for, so other things will take priority for today.  If I do manage to fit in any more, I’ll adjust the counter at the top accordingly 🙂

To all of you who are doing NaNo this month:

motivation 2

And remember- there are no winners in NaNo, only exhausted survivors 🙂

(Seriously, though, you got this!)

I might have been tempted to suffer with you, but I just don’t have time this month with my parents visiting.

Time for the excerpt! I hope it didn’t get too confusing last week with the changed names and everyone being a she. I’ll continue like that until someone tells me it’s too weird 😛

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂

“What happened?” asked Aria, and came to a sudden halt in front of Morgan. She had seen her wounded before. Cuts and bruises had covered her body as surely as her clothes and skin had, but now there was no visible wound. The healer had removed her shirt—Aria assumed to allow her to breathe—but a thick sheen of sweat covered her chest and forehead regardless. She was breathing heavily.

“She’s wheezing,” said Mira, who ignored the sweat covering her and leaned in to hear better.

The woman who had given them space before stood closer. “We’re not sure. Lon brought her to me, but she was already passed out when Lon found her.”

“And she hasn’t woken up since?” asked Mira.

The healer shook her head. “No. We have searched her body but haven’t found any wounds. We can only assume that she was poisoned, but without Morgan’s input we can’t be certain what happened.”

Mira’s face appeared calm when she stepped away, but behind her eyes Aria could see a raging storm. “Who did this?”


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Progress Update – No Progress

A Book's Progress 3

This is going to have to be quick! And let me say right away that there’s no excerpt this week, either.


It’s been one of those rare weeks where I’ve had all these grown-up responsibilities which took me away from my desk. You know the ones.

responsible grown up
It’s rare but, you know, I can totally be responsible when I have to be *ahem*

So the only things I can really report are these:

No words got written this week, I’m looking at using Pinterest more to promote my book alongside my research, and I’ve made this amazing cork board out of paper:


Things were getting a little confusing in my notebook because I had bits and pieces of information and random ideas scattered throughout, but no easy way of seeing everything at once. It’s looking a little bare right now but the first index cards have been placed, and there’s some heavy highlighting and colour-coding going on 😉 I’d share a better picture but that might spoil the plot ^-^

Next week I’ll have a lot of catching up to do! I’d like to be halfway through the draft by the end of July, which might be a little tight but I do work well to deadlines!


A wonderful weekend to you all! 🙂



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Progress Update – An Excerpt and a Teaser (sort of)

A Book's Progress 3

This is going to be short. It’s been a pretty quiet week, and nothing much has happened.

See? Thanks for popping in! 😀

bye bye!

Okay, well, there’s a tiny bit more than that, but it’s honestly not much this week. It’s all right, though, I do have an excerpt 😉

Progress on Book 2 has been slow, mostly because an idea I’ve had months ago has come back to poke me relentlessly – as it’s done several times over the past few months. So I finally gave in and started writing it 🙂

Merlin 1

It’s far too early to share anything yet, but suffice it to say for now that I love my new babies and, if this continues, I’ll introduce you soon 🙂

But back to Book 2! I found this amazing little feature in Scrivener-

word count

and I can’t tell you how much I love it <3 It also shows you how little I got done on Book 2 this week 😛 I’m hoping to write a little more today, so I’ll wait with updating the word counter at the top until I know for sure how badly I’ve done exactly ^^

In case you’ve missed it (somehow), the giveaway is now live on Goodreads. So far I’m overwhelmed with the response <3 If you’d like to enter, you can do so hereGood luck to everyone who’s entered already!

There, now I’m done! 😀

Here’s the excerpt! A good weekend to you all! 🙂

Rachael screamed, but the assassin’s hot hand against her mouth silenced the sound. She looked around, trying to find anything at all that she could use as a weapon, but there was nothing sharp within reach.

The man who pinned her down held up his knife, and Rachael felt her eyes sting when she saw a slim sliver of blood trickle down the blade. Her blood.

She had never been in a situation as hopeless as this before. Even during her encounter with Cephy she’d been able to move, if not much. Now the body of a man who had come to kill her pressed her into the sheets, his legs holding her in place and the knife by her throat making sure that she couldn’t move her head.

The man on top of her looked to his side, and she followed. Another assassin cloaked in dark cloth help up the book Kaida had entrusted to her. The assassin with the knife nodded, and his friend dashed for the open window. Again Rachael tried to scream, alert someone, but the sound was muffled.

All she could do was watch as her killer smiled, and brought down the knife.


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Progress Update – Back to Normality!

A Book's Progress 3

I’ve got a lot of news to share this week! Since the past two weeks didn’t include progress updates, things have accumulated 🙂 In fact, there’s so much that I’ll break it down into sections, so you can skip one or two and only read the ones that interest you 🙂

Cookie Break

The only thing that hasn’t changed on Cookie Break over the last two weeks is the overall layout and the background colour!

Where to start? Cookie Break now has BANNERS!! 😀 What do you think? Aren’t they pretty? <3

cat gif

Part of the reason is that Cookie Break’s first birthday is coming up later this month, and I felt that it was time for a small makeover. The other part is that the first week after Rise of the Sparrows’ release seemed like the right time to pretty things up a little! There’s a different banner for every category, so you haven’t seen all of them yet 😉 I won’t go over my previous posts because there is nearly a year’s worth of content, and it would take a small eternity to add banners to all of them.

I’ve added the map of Rifarne to the Relics of Ar’Zac page. If you hover over it, it’ll show you the link – or you could just click this little button here, if you want to go there now 🙂 Once I’ve got the world map sorted (hopefully later this year) I’ll add it to the tab, too.

To give myself more time to write the sequel, I’ll be posting a tiny bit less here. If you’re like me you’ll appreciate having less to catch up with, anyway ^^

thank god

And as I said it’ll give me more time to focus on Book 2. But more on that in a moment 😉 I’m not cutting a lot – right now, I’ll post my weekly writing prompts every two weeks instead of every week. In time I might cut back on my Tuesday posts as well, but I’ll see how things go.

Oh, and the most important thing! WORD COUNTS ARE BACK! 😀


This week, the word count is….


And look! LOOK! The little word count thing at the top is back, too ^^

Book Progress Word Counts

I’m hoping to write a little more this morning before I need to go out, so I’ll update it in a little while 🙂


I’m now a verified Goodreads Author! You’ve probably seen this already so if this is old news to you just skip ahead, but you can find me and my book here 🙂 And speaking of which…

I’ve mentioned above that Cookie Break’s first birthday is coming up. To celebrate, I’m hosting a small giveaway on Goodreads from next week Wednesday! I’ll be giving away three copies and it’ll be open to every country, so if you missed out on the previous giveaways you can try again 🙂 It’ll be open until Cookie Break’s birthday on the 22nd June, so you’ve got plenty of time 😉

Immortals (temp. title)

I’m going to take a few steps back with Immortals (temp. title). Writing it has felt a little much like drawing blood from a stone, and I’m not sure if that’s because I haven’t plotted it as much as I normally do, or because I haven’t read anywhere near enough sci-fi to know what I’m doing.

Dog gif

Either way, it’s time to step back and go back to the drawing board for a while. It’s not suspended entirely since I will be working on it, but it might be a while before I’ve got another word count for you. It just needs a bit of plotting and research, is all 🙂 I feel like this could be a truly amazing story, and I want to do it justice – right now, I can’t.

Three Year Plan

Well… It’s more of a five year plan, but I’ll push for three! Over the next three years, I’ll aim to make writing my full-time job. The more I’ve thought about it the more I want it, so this is happening 🙂 It might not happen in three years, or even five years, but I want to make this a reality sooner or later. Any advice would be appreciated (other than ‘You can’t do it, it’s impossible’ – you’re just motivating me more) so if you’ve got anything, let me know 🙂

Relics of Ar’Zac

As you can tell from the word counter up top, work on the sequel has begun! So far it’s going well and I’m really excited for everything that needs to happen in Book 2.

cat gif2

There are a lot of things I want to address, and so far it looks like it’ll easily be longer than Rise of the Sparrows. Rachael is going to have a lot of things to deal with, and we shall try to avoid Middle Book Syndrome together 😉

Sadly I haven’t got an excerpt this week since I was busy catching up with other things, but next week I’ll be sure to include one 🙂

Have a good weekend, everyone, and may you find inspiration when you need it!



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Progress Update – Exciting Days Ahead!

(This is going to be the shortest progress update I’ve ever done…)

We’ve got an exciting month ahead! Next week will resume as usual (although I’ve got some exciting news coming up on Thursday), but the two weeks after that are packed with thrilling things all over the place!

DrWho excited

Next week Friday I’ve got the pre-release week schedule for you. Five copies for my giveaway have been ordered, which will start Monday 16th, and I’ve got something else waiting for you as well 😉 The Friday that week the giveaway will finish, so you’ll have plenty of time to enter and win a copy! I’ll also share the schedule for release week with you, so you know where I’ll be and when (you can even enter another giveaway!)


I’m pretty much on top of things for that week and can start relaxing now. Besides the marketing and promoting, of course. But the hardest part (*cough* OpenOffice! *cough*) is over.

I even managed to do a bit of writing this week, and have made some small progress on Book 2 🙂

And so ends the shortest progress update I’ve ever done!

I’ll leave you with this brief (shortened, to avoid spoilers) excerpt – it’s difficult to share excerpts from Book 2 before the first book is even out, but I don’t think this short section gives away too much 😉 Just bear in mind that it’s basically the draft before the first draft 😛

Rachael grimaced. Kiana’s blade hadn’t cut deep, but the wound stung. Kiana had made her train through the pain, and had only taken her to get the wound treated after another hour of merciless fighting. In a real battle, Kiana said, she wouldn’t have time to take a break. In a real battle she needed to be strong enough to ignore the pain, and fight despite it. Rachael agreed. She had seen first hand what real battle was like when she had fought her way through the White City.

A sharp pain raced up her right leg.

“Don’t let your guard down. Your enemy might try to trick you. You’d be dead if I were a real opponent.”


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Progress Update – My Nerves Have Died Painful Deaths

How do I start? I haven’t had this many ups and downs in just one week for a while.

The best news is, my book has just been uploaded to CreateSpace, and I’m waiting for it to be approved so that I can order the proof copy! (yay!) You have no idea how relieved (and terrified) I am that I’ve reached this point. Allow me to fill you in.

I’ve spent the entire week on the final pro edit, and on the formatting. Formatting your file to be released as a paperback in OpenOffice is the devil, and has cost me all of my nerves. If you’ve never done it – don’t. You’d think inserting page numbers on most pages, not all pages, would be an easy thing to do in a freaking writing program, but it causes all of the problems and has slaughtered my patience.


I got so close to buying MS Word several times this week, and I don’t think I’ve done it the right way, but it worked and it’s done, so quite frankly I don’t care if I did it correctly or not.

And guess what? The PDF (which I’ve checked around five times to make sure it’s still correct and hasn’t changed itself for no reason while I made tea) has been uploaded, but for no reason whatsoever the .doc has changed the page numbers again!


But I don’t care and I will move on, because I don’t need the .doc any more. Not right now, anyway. Maker be willing my patience regenerates in the meantime.

Move on with me? Hold me? Bounce with me? My book is with CreateSpace now! OpenOffice will not ruin this moment for me!

Next week, I’ll format my file for eBook format – which I know a lot of you have hated and loathed and cursed, but to me it sounds like a walk in the park right now. I’ll basically remove everything that’s caused all of the issues with my paperback file – now if that doesn’t sound wonderful, I don’t know what does!

I’ll probably take a morning off next week, but other than that I’m looking forward to a week of research and – dare I say it? – writing!


No writing got done this week, so if no one mentions NaNo…

Hm? Mention what? No, I didn’t say anything.

Since the release date is approaching rather quickly now, I’ll be in touch with everyone who’s hosting me on their blog for it next week 🙂

There are also some exciting changes coming to CookieBreak! Next week Tuesday, Faye Kirwin from Writerology joins us for the first ever guest post. Besides that, I’ll also be doing monthly interviews so watch out for news on that! 😉 If you’re a writer and would like to be interviewed and talk about your journey and experience, get in touch!

Do any of you remember me asking about Instagram a while ago, and deciding that I wouldn’t sign up? Well…


I’m on Instagram now! 😀 If you want behind the scenes pictures, images of my cat, and general bookish things, you can follow me here 🙂

That’s it for this week. No excerpt, sorry. How about two excerpts next week? Would that make up for it?


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