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A-Z Name Prompts – A


My, how time flies! (no apologies for the cheesy opening. cheese is life.) It’s already time for the first of my baby name prompts, and the best part? It’s chosen by you! Since my baby name book is split in the middle, I don’t have female and male names mixed, so I thought I’d let you decide which one gets chosen!

Thank you to everyone who got involved and voted <3 Since the Twitter poll worked so well I’ll continue to pick the bi-weekly prompts this way 🙂 Expect to see them pop up in the week before the prompt. So no poll this week, since the next prompt won’t be out for another two weeks 🙂

Oh, and one other thing: I’ll try to keep these short. I know you don’t always have a lot of time to read them, and I’ll be busy myself with NaNo and editing, so I think shorter prompts do both of us a favour 🙂

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to borrow it! If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy and read your interpretation ^-^



(m.; oath, pledge)

You failed her. You swore an oath to her, and you failed her. 

His breaths came in ragged, uneven intervals, but he refused to accept what he knew. He was dying, but he couldn’t be. Not yet. He’d promised Alfre he’d be there, that he’d protect her. Instead he was leaning against a tree, fifteen minutes away from the town, bleeding out.

He’d known he shouldn’t have left her side. He’d known he should have talked her out of it.

“This animosity has lasted too long, Arlen. Are we not proof that our two people can live peacefully with one another? It’s my duty as Elder of my clan to approach them first. Please, Arlen. I have to try.” And fool that he was he had agreed.

He wanted this war – which had long since fizzled out into random but rare cruelties against each other – to be over as badly as she did. His parents would never allow him to marry an elf. No one in his village would accept it, or her.

Alfre’s people were excellent archers and talented mages, but his people had always been warriors. Both sides had done unspeakable things to the other, and no one could even remember why.

He had agreed for Alfre to meet with his village’s mayor and the council, to discuss peace, under the condition that he’d be there to protect her. All his life he had been taught that elves were vicious, and shot humans on sight, yet it was the very humans who had warned him and indoctrinated him that he was worried about now. Alfre’s people had accepted him, after some initial uncertainties and suspicion. Some still didn’t trust him now, but he could walk amongst them and not fear an arrow to his head. Alfre couldn’t do the same amongst his people, his family.

Alfre had insisted on meeting the council and the mayor alone. How had she convinced him again? It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

He had followed a little later as agreed, but before he could reach the village an arrow had pinned him against the very tree he leaned against now. Short moments later another arrow had buried itself deep within his gut. Arlen knew he hadn’t been shot by an elf – an elf wouldn’t have missed his vital organs – but someone wanted him dead. Or perhaps they only wanted him to miss the meeting?

Alfre was alone and unprotected in the village. As a sign of good will she had left her staff behind; he had been meant to be her only protection. Now he couldn’t even stand without bleeding out.

Arlen reached into his pocket, and pulled out the bitter herbs he always carried with him. He quickly chewed the lot, and prayed for a miracle. They wouldn’t save him, but they would keep him alive for long enough to get a warning to Alfre.

He had to get her out of there, or the people he had loved and trusted his whole life would slaughter her.


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All writing belongs to the author, Sarina Langer


642 – Her Checkered Jacket

Today’s writing prompt is a short one again. Preparing for NaNo hasn’t left me with much spare time for these, but I’ll try to whip up a longer short for next week.

As always, if this prompt speaks to you feel free to borrow it. If you do, please link back here so I can read your interpretation! 🙂

Happy writing!


A piece of clothing you keep just for the memory

The checkered jacket still smelled just like her. The scent of roses had faded years ago, but there was still something familiar about it. Her smile was in that jacket. Her heart was there. I could see the glint in her pale blue eyes when I closed my own and smelled her checkered jacket.

I sighed and put the jacket back into the suitcase I hid under our bed. If my husband found out that I still had this reminder he’d be furious.

“Camille, are you coming?” he called from downstairs. Am I not enough? was what he would say if he knew that I still had that checkered jacket, and the memory of roses.

“I’ll be right down!”

But the truth was, he wasn’t enough. I didn’t love him, I loved her. My parents had forced this marriage, but even today, after ten years of being married, I didn’t love him.

I missed her. But if he ever found us together, he’d hurt us both. She was safer this way.


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All writing belongs to the author, Sarina Langer


642 – A Handgun Called Echo

Look at me, being on top of my posts! I’ve finally scheduled ahead again, and let me tell ya it feels good to not be behind!

Today’s prompt is a short one, which left me with plenty of room for interpretation! As you might know I’ve been struggling with plotting my sci-fi novel, and since shorts like this one are perfect for a quick brainstorm I used today’s prompt to do just that! Dena owns a gun she calls Echo, and while I don’t think this short scene will make it into the book it was fun to play around with it.

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to borrow it. If you do please link back here, I’d love to read your interpretation!



Holding her now – feeling the cold, smooth surface under my fingertips – was all the comfort I needed. Echo and I had been through a lot together, and I was relieved that we got to finish it as one, too.

I took aim, and reminded myself to breathe. I had killed so many times during my too-long life, but this was different. This death would matter. This death would shift the balance.

I exhaled as I shot. Echo’s bullet hit its target only a second later, and I watched as the man I had hunted for five hundred years slumped into a heap on the floor. It was finally over…

… and instead of relief or happiness I felt nothing.


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All writing belongs to the author, Sarina Langer


642 – Shadow Hunter

I really enjoyed writing this one. I wasn’t sure where the prompt would take me when I started writing but it turned out a very fun exercise!

As always, feel free to borrow this prompt if it speaks to you. If you do please link back here, I’d love to see your interpretation!


The next sound you hear and what caused it

I froze when the silence finally broke.

Heavy footsteps, like someone dragging something heavy, slumped up the stairs. Desperate not to give away my location I held my hands to my lips, knowing it’d do me no good. If I screamed I’d be dead, there was no way it wasn’t gonna hear me.

If only Dee was here. He’d have known what to do, but the last I’d seen of him were his feet ana trail of blood as it had dragged him out of the kitchen.

We had been prepared to die. It had taken this situation for me to realise how stupid that vow had been. If Dee was still alive I was sure he’d regret it, too.

Like everyone else in this town I’d thought that being a Shadow Hunter would be – well, not fun, exactly, but right. The Shadows had reached us and torn through town like a horde of mad demons. I had sworn to kill them, but I was trapped and the others were all dead.

Outside the heavy footsteps came to a stop. I held my breath as I prepared myself for it to strike.


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642 – Inappropriate Laughter

This is another short prompt, after last week’s long post 🙂 I’m not very good at telling jokes, never mind making up new ones, so you’ll have to excuse me if this isn’t funny. (apart from how it’s not supposed to be funny) I tried! Honestly!

As always, feel free to borrow this prompt if it speaks to you (and if you have a better joke in mind) and link it back to me. I’d love to see your interpretation!


A boy who tries to be funny when nobody is laughing at his jokes

“He loves this, though, right?”

“Damn it, don’t you know when to shut up?” The grim faces of his five friends agreed with Sean. He knew he’d gone too far – this wasn’t the time to be funny – but the oppressive silence was worse.

“I’m just sayin'” Awkwardly he shuffled his feet. “Dawson loved places like this. You, erm…” He knew he shouldn’t, that there was nothing he could say to make this better, but he couldn’t help himself. “You could say he’s finally where he wanted to be? Swimming with the fishes?”

Cara slapped him. “Fuck you! His love for the sea didn’t mean that he wanted to drown!”


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All writing belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.


Writing Prompts! Writing Prompts everywhere!

I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of blogs about writing have talked about writing prompts recently. Cookie Break is about writing, so here’s my post! And it’s a little different.

There was one thing which immediately came to my mind when I saw the first few writing prompt posts pop up. When I was in Primary School, say Year 2, we did this fun little exercise where each of us had to think of three words (one noun, one verb and one adjective), write them down, cut them up and put them in a hat. All of us then drew three pieces of paper at random, and we had to write a short story with the three words we had picked!

I haven’t done this in a long time, but I know that many years later when I was trying to write (long before I established anything even close to a writing routine) but couldn’t come up with anything I opened a dictionary at three random places, made a note of the first three words I saw, and then used those. I don’t remember much from my first few years at school, never mind from my lessons, so the fact that this stuck with me speaks for itself!

So, here you go – ten 3-word writing prompts to use as you see fit!

damage – to track – tenuous 

reward – calibrate – forgetful 

growth – administer – internal

act – equip – female

effect – dissect – weak

rhythm – instruct – superb

work – build – dusty

verse – motivate – psychotic

copper – enlighten – meek

plant – enter – macabre

They were all chosen at random, and are in order of noun – verb – adjective.

If you come up with anything, I’d love to hear from you and read it!

Do you know of any other interesting – maybe slightly different – writing prompt ideas? Share what you know in the comment form below. 


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