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A-Z Name Prompts – X

Happy Monday, friends and familiars!

Only three prompts left to go! :O And this is the last one for this year!!* :O :O

There are a couple of things I did differently for these last three. I did the prompts on Instagram because I could do all of them at once in my stories there, which means I didn’t spam my followers’ feeds for a day or two. Also, I wrote them by hand first and then copied them here, which means they’ve had a tiny bit more editing than I usually bother with since I saw the bigger issues that bugged me when I copied everything.

Also, these last three will be connected 😉

Besides that, these are still nowhere near great, and honestly, that’s freeing. It’s nice to not have to worry too much about developmental edits, and proofreads and all that, and just write for the sake of seeing what you come up with. I recommend it if you haven’t tried it before <3

But onto the poll!

Here’s how IG voted on Prompt X:

Wow, that’s more votes than I ever had on Twitter. Lesson learned, friends – when you want other people to make a decision for you, go on Instagram! 😀

Thank you so much to everyone who voted even though these doiminated my stories for 24 hours <3

As always, if the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy ^-^

* ‘Phew’, she says in relief, ‘thank fudge for that’



(f.; welcoming)

Xenia had grown up dreaming of what lay beyond their skies. Like most Varyans, she’d imagined foreign worlds since she was old enough to question Varya’s borders. Fleshy aliens with small eyes. Soft Varyanoids with more than three fingers.

Unlike many Varyans, she’d never doubted once that there was more out there, but she’d never believed she’d see some of that magic in her lifetime.

The soft-looking, five-fingererd creature before her now wasn’t imaginary, strange as it looked.

It also wasn’t breathing.

Xenia knelt down next to it, as carefully as she could, worried it wasn’t sleeping but–

She swallowed. Tried to steady her shaking hands. This was their first contact with an alien species. And the poor thing had to rely on her to save it? She wished her father was there.

Xenia rubbed her clammy hands against her shirt, and tried to calm her breathing.

If she messed this up–Zuth forbid, if she accidentally killed the fleshy creature–she would start a war. But if she did this right…

She let out a nervous, rattling sigh and massaged its chest. The creature lay still.

“Oh Zuth, please breathe.”

She knew how to give first aid to Varyans, but what if her lips were poison to this creature? What if the natural oils on her fingers burnt its skin? What if–

The creature coughed. Its eyes flew open, and widened when they saw Xenia. It looked so odd to her–squishy, pale skin, pink lips, those weird soft strands coming from its scalp… Xenia had never seen anything like it.

By the look of shock on the creature’s face, it had never seen anything like her, either. Her light purple skin, dark eyes, and three fingers must have looked strange to it, too.


The creature gasped, and jumped up. Stumbled a few steps back. Said something Xenia couldn’t understand.

Xenia was too startled to move. The military probably had some protocol for first contact situations, but she was just a ninety-moon old girl, barely more than a child. She had nothing.

The creature watched her, its strange green eyes wide and observant. It spoke again, but the sounds meant nothing to Xenia. The alien looked just as lost as she felt.

Zuth, she hoped Varya’s air wasn’t poisonous to it.

Xenia waved. Smiled. Hoped it meant the same on this creature’s world as it did on hers.

It looked surprised, but waved back after a few uncertain seconds. It hadn’t attacked–that had to be a good start.

Xenia grinned. The creature smiled back. Varya’s first contact had been successful–and she was the one who’d made it.

The creature held out a tiny device, smaller than its fingertips. Xenia took it, but didn’t know what to do. It was smooth, but had no special characteristics other than the foreign symbols written on it.

The alien gestured to its ear, pretended to put something inside it. Xenia hoped she understood correctly and shoved the device into her ear.


Xenia yelped. “I–”

“It’s technology from the Hub. You can understand me now, right?”

Xenia nodded, speechless now she was having a conversation with an alien. Or could have had a conversation if the words hadn’t dried in her throat.

She’d never seen technology like this, neither had she heard of this Hub.

“Yeah. I can.” She swallowed. “I’m Xenia.”

The alien smiled. “Nice to meet you, Xenia. I’m Commander Yates, and I’m afraid my ship crashed over your planet. I need to find my crew, make sure they’re okay. Can you help me?”

Xenia barely felt herself nod. Something didn’t add up, but she couldn’t figure out what. Everything felt like a dream; hazy and too good to be real.

But this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her, and since she was the one who’d made first contact, she was Varya’s ambassador now.

“I’ll do what I can.”

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A-Z Name Prompts – W

Happy Monday, everyone!

How has November treated you? I got stuck with the cold everyone seems to have and it’s been sapping my energy and motivation like mad! So, today’s prompt is going to be short 🙂

Today’s prompt is:

I can only explain the lack of votes this week with everyone stressing over Christmas being so soon. (tell me I’m not the only one who’s bought no presents yet?) I definitely am! For completely unrelated reasons, I won’t do polls for the last three prompts. I really want to wrap this up before the year is over but don’t want to spam you with three polls in one week, so I’ll pick them at random myself and will get the last ones written before the year is over 🙂 There’s one scheduled for December, and then the last two will be in January.

And then after that I’ve got a weekly serial for you, but more on that in the new year 😉

As always, if the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy :3



(m.; Watchman)

The sky had still been blue when his shift had begun. Humans had still lived in free cities. Ward had stood watch for so many years he barely remembered the feel of it.

Be my Watchman, she’d said with a voice like honey and sorrow. You will know when your shift is coming to an end. It will hurt, my soldier, but keep watch. I will take your pain as soon as I am able.

She’d regretted his need for him, and had apologised for everything she’d taken from him: his wife, his baby daughter, his people. The love he’d felt for them. She’d chosen him for that love and for his loyalty. Ward remembered that much.

But he didn’t remember their names or their faces. Too much time had passed for that. He only remembered that children had laughed once, and that the sky never used to be dark like never-ending midnight.

But now, finally, after who-knew-how-many decades, he felt a shift in the air and inside himself. Felt his soul warm, slowly, like flames that struggled to spark on wet wood.

Sometimes, once a day or once a year, maybe, he heard her whisper. Patience, my Watchman. The day will come soon.

The words lit something inside him, but it never took hold. He couldn’t remember why he was patient, or what he was watching for exactly.

Only that, when it arrived, she would rebuild the world.

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A-Z Name Prompts – V

Hi, friends!

It’s occurred to me that I’ve been rather terrible at posting these little prompts. My apologies :/ To be honest, I completely forgot to do the poll for this one two weeks ago, and then I almost forgot to do the poll again last week. There’s been so much going on recently that writing short prompts just hasn’t been a priority.

But I’m here now, so let’s get on with it! 🙂

Here are the results from the last (and very late) poll:

I blame the low numbers on me not doing it sooner -.-

As always, if you want to use the prompt go ahead! If you publish it please let me know so I can be nosy ^-^



(m.; loyal)

Loyalty was everything. Loyalty was the only honour that mattered. Verrill had grown up believing it, and he’d sat by his Da’s death bed swearing it.

But loyalty was difficult when your king told you to slaughter a village of women and children.

“Your orders, captain?”

His men stood behind him, awaiting orders. Thirty women and five children knelt before him, heads lowered in fear and whimpering, awaiting his judgement.

He had come so far. Just one more step.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to take it.


His men had never seen him falter. He’d been raised to the rank of captain because he acted quickly and always–always–for the benefit of his king.

He had been against the creation of these villages in the first place. They were breeding grounds, a means for his king to control the population, and they were wrong. He hadn’t voiced his concerns. It wasn’t his place. His king would have Verrill hunted and executed if he sensed any sign of disobedience.

But to kill 25 innocent people because they hadn’t birthed enough children?

Every good man had his limits.

“Captain? Orders?”

Verrill stood straight. “These people are traitors to our glorious king. I will kill them myself.” He swallowed. He’d never been a good liar, and his men knew him too well. “Go watch the camp. I will return when I’m done.”


“Go back, and leave me to it. Now.”

He didn’t miss the glances his men shared, but they did as they were told. Loyalty was the only honour that mattered, after all.

He waited until his men were out of earshot, and sheathed his sword.

“Leave this place. Never come back here.”

The women didn’t get up. Bloody Mercy, they were too scared to even try to run for their lives.

He sighed. Dropped his sword as a sign of goodwill.

Finally, they looked up.

“Get out of here. Now. If you leave the country, the king can’t touch you.”

They stumbled to their feet, and, still whimpering, ran with their children in their arms.

Verrill knew he’d done the right thing. If it saved lives, it had to be right.

He just hoped none of his men would question the lack of blood on the soil.

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A-Z Name Prompts – U

Since Wardens of Archos is out TODAY (what?!? show me!), this writing prompt will be trilogy themed 😉 Or it’s trilogy world themed, anyway. Which isn’t to say that there’ll definitely be more books set in this world in the future 😉 *wink wink* Totally not saying that. At all. *ahem*

This week’s prompt, chosen by you, is:

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it 🙂 If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy ^-^



(m.; power of the wolf)

A quiet forest just outside Maishi Hou in Midoka wasn’t the most logical place for a Tramuran to move to, Ulric had known that. The magic was everywhere here, sizzling in the air and glowing through the leafs. And no one tried to stop it. It made him nervous. It made him uneasy.

But it was beautiful and it was wild, unlikely Tramura.

This untamed magic hadn’t tried to harm him yet, whereas his daughter was dead because of Tramuran bandits. All his life he’d been taught that magic was evil, but it was swords that had killed her, not spells.

He felt a weak tug on the bait and reeled in his catch. The lake outside his little cabin held few fish and nothing exotic – not by Midokan standards, anyway – but it gave him everything he needed. Fresh water, fresh fish, and the serene calm Tramura had lacked.

It gave him peace.

At night, sei came out to dance on the water; beautiful, glowing lights unlike anything he’d ever seen. He’d hid and slept high up in a tree during his first night, they had spooked him so much. When he’d woken in the morning, one night-wisp was resting on his arm. It had scared him awake and he’d almost fallen out of the tree, but the sei hadn’t jumped or laughed or run away.

That’s when he had realised that there was nothing to fear here. Magic was as dangerous as the swords the mercenaries back home carried – deadly in the wrong hands, but harmless if left to itself.

“What have you got for me today?”

He could hear the warm smile on her voice. He had never imagined he’d sell fish and herbs to a mist woman one day. Back in Tramura, he’d have been burnt alive for helping a sorceress.

“Nothing much, I’m afraid. They’re not biting as much today, but I’ve got you the leafs you wanted They’re inside on the table, help yourself.”

He got up and turned around, meeting her dark eyes. Anei Rin reminded him of his daughter; maybe that’s why he didn’t mind what she was. Or maybe he just finally knew better.

He followed her as she entered his small cabin, and left the meager catch to dry outside.

“How are your studies going?”

She didn’t turn around. It was a sore subject, but he felt rude not asking. He had a feeling not many people did.

“They’re not. How much do you want for these?”

“You can have them,” he said. “They’re worth more to you Mist Sorcerers than they are to me.”

“Mist Women, Ulric, not sorcerers. It’s not the same. And I’m neither, anyhow.”

“You study in Maishi Hou. I don’t know any others, true, so I can’t compare, but you’re a Mist Woman to me.”

Anei Rin examined the herbs and smiled, but it was false. The sparkle had left her eyes.

“Don’t let them hear you say it. I’m a failed experiment to them.”

He cringed at the deep loathing in her voice. “That’s not–”

“How much? I refuse to take them for free.”

He sighed. Anei Rin was too stubborn to back down, he knew that. Just like his daughter.

“Just the usual price. Two quarters will do.”

She nodded, and pulled the leather pouch from her belt. The movement exposed her shoulder, and revealed the black vine-shaped tattoos underneath. Anei Rin hated them, said they were useless, even blamed them for her inability to use magic, but he knew better. He felt something every time he saw them.

Her tattoos were magic, and they were dangerous. His inexperience with the gift made it more obvious to him, perhaps – he didn’t see her as something to study, he just saw what was and felt what his gut was telling him.

Rin wasn’t his daughter, but he’d protect her all the same.

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A-Z Name Prompts – T

Happy Mond- Happy OCTOBER, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad September is over :’D It was my busiest month this year – which is why I didn’t get this prompt out two weeks ago, and it’s still only short :/ (read: extremely short) (Honestly, I feel like I’ve written a blurb rather than a short story) (Which is impressive since I hate writing blurbs) I spent most of last week formatting Wardens of Archos, so that’s where my time went 🙂

Here’s the prompt you voted for:

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy 😉



(f.; third)

I am Tertia.

Third of my name.

Third daughter to my father, the third king to a doomed world.

Third star in alignment.

Third army ready to march. Third and final enemy ready to fall.

I am Tertia, third of my name. Saviour of Stars.

I will either save this world, or it will die with me.

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A-Z Name Prompts – S

Happy Monday, friends!

It’s a busy start to the week for me, so today’s intro is going to be even shorter than usual. Let’s hop right to it:

Today’s winner is:

As always, if the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy 😉



(f.; Oracle)

“Are you sure she can help me?”

“Yeah, definitely! What’s up?” Vince punched him in the shoulder. “Don’t you trust me?”

Dan smiled but knew he couldn’t hide his nerves. He didn’t believe in people who read your fortune or saw your future in tea leaves or things like that. Of course, anything worked on Vince, but Vince was superstitious as hell.

It wasn’t that he was starting to have cold feet. You couldn’t really change your mind when you’d never believed something would work in the first place, unless you were proven wrong. So why was he nervous? He’d been indifferent this morning, but actually arriving on the oracle’s front lawn and staring at her violet door had changed something.

“Come on,” said Vince. “The sooner you go in the sooner you’ll know if any pretty girls are coming your way!”

Dan sighed, but waited behind Vince while his friend knocked. He wasn’t even sure how he’d phrase his question.

“Why bother knocking? Doesn’t she just know we’re here or something?”

“She sees the future, mate. She’s not a CCTV camera.”

“Fair enough.”

A middle-aged woman answered the door. Dan had expected someone in a long flowing dress and oversized earrings, maybe with a flashy choker and bright hair, but Sybil looked normal. Just jeans, a t-shirt, and brown hair tied back in a short pony tail.

“Good to see you again, Vince. And you must be Dan?”

He shook her hand. “I am. Nice to meet you. Can I call you Sybil, or…?” Vince hadn’t mentioned a surname.

She laughed. “Oh no, I’m not Sybil! Please, if you follow me, my daughter is waiting for you in the conservatory.”

The house looked normal, too, but then he wasn’t sure what he’d expected. A bright red trailer in an overgrown garden, maybe? Not family photos on the walls, or potted daisies on the tables.

Dan had to admit to being disappointed. Vince had oversold it.

“Go on in. I’ll get you boys a cup of tea.”

Before Dan could object–he preferred a strong, dark coffee–she was gone, and Vince ushered him inside.

A little girl no older than seven sat at the centre of the bright glass ceiling conservatory. The floor and walls were white, and under the sunshine she almost looked angelic with her light blonde hair, pale skin, and tiny frame.

The table was empty. No tarot cards, or anything mystic.


“Please,” said Sybil, “take a seat.”

Her voice was childish, but her tone was more mature than any he’d ever heard. Vince gave him a nudge, and Dan sat in the chair opposite her.

“Now what? Do I tell you my life story, or do you tell me?”

She smiled, warm as the sunshine filling the conservatory.

“Relax, and let me in.”

“I have no idea what you mean. Let you in h-”

The room disappeared, and everything was bright. No glass roof, no white painted walls, no singing of birds outside. There was nothing around him, even his own body had vanished. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she was there, searching, prodding, tugging until–

You are not like other humans, are you? You know you’re not, but you don’t understand it. That’s why you didn’t know how to ask your question. You don’t know who you are. Go to the forest ten miles south of here. Find the pond at its centre. Don’t tell your friend. Come alone. It’ll be our little secret.

The conservatory was back, and Dan sagged into the back of the chair.

“Exciting times are ahead. Embrace chance when it presents itself.”

“What the–” The hell had happened?

Vince clapped Dan on the back and grinned. “See, I told you she was good! Exciting times, mate! I told you, you meet a girl!”

So Vince didn’t know. Sybil smiled at him and gave him the smallest nod.

“Thank you. I, erm, I guess we go now?”

“Yeah, come on. We got to find this girl you’re going to meet!”

Dan hadn’t even known there was a pond, but he knew the forest. Should he go? He didn’t understand what happened, but his whole life had been like that. If there were answers in the forest… But what if there weren’t? What if she was a con?

He sighed as they stepped outside, and Vince chatted away about going to town and meeting the girl of his dreams. If Sybil was a con, there was no harm in looking. Vince had paid for this, and then it had only cost him a tenner. If she was a con, she wasn’t exactly an expensive one.

Dan had nothing to lose, and answers to gain.

“Listen, mate, thanks for this, but I think I’ll pass on going into town. I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

“What? But it’s–”

Dan slammed the car door shut, and drove. Vince didn’t live far away, he could walk back.

The forest wasn’t far, and it was still early. He could reach the pond by lunch time, and see for himself whether there were any answers to be found or not.

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A-Z Name Prompts – R

It’s time for another writing prompt, my dears! 🙂 I had fun with this one, which is why it’s a little longer than my usual prompts. Don’t worry if you’re short on time, though, it’s still pretty short 🙂

This week’s winner is:


As always, if you fancy giving it a go feel free to use this prompt. That’s what it’s there for, after all 😉 If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy.



(f.: regal one)

Royale swore when she slipped in the fresh mud, and landed on her butt. Curse breaking into her own castle at night; her favourite trousers were ruined. Fabulous.

“You okay?”

“Fuck off, Jude.”

“Hey now, is that any way to treat an old friend? Come on,” he held out one hand for her, “let me help you up.”

She scoffed and pulled herself up. She didn’t need help. She didn’t need anyone.

“Stop fretting over me like I’m a five-year old. I can look after myself.”

“Yeah, I just saw how well you–” One glare shut him up. His humour was the last thing she needed tonight.

“Let’s just get on with it, shall we? The gate won’t be unguarded for long.”

“Your wish is my command, princess.” He did a terrible curtsy bow, and straightened when she shot him another glare.

The gap in the wall was tight, but she’d squeezed through worse–and certainly filthier–over the last ten months. Some thorns and spider webs wouldn’t get in her way now she was so close to coming home.

For the past ten months, she’d been on the run. She’d picked up Jude along the way in return for his silence–her disguise had been good enough to fool everyone else, but he had recognised for what she was. Princess Royale. Heiress to the throne. (Her parents had had a flare for the dramatic, calling her Royale and her brother Prince. Prince Prince. He was definitely off worse than her). Now she just needed to sneak in before her brother realised she was back, stab him in the throat while he slept, and sit on her throne by morning.

Royale–or Roya, as Jude had come to call her against her every wish and warning–brushed the webs off herself as Jude squeezed through the gap behind her.

“Welcome home, Princess Roya!” The fool was grinning. Like this was his big moment instead of hers. Although, she had to admit, she had imagined her big moment with less dirt and just a little more gold. Still, that could be rectified. Just as soon as she got to Prince the prince the idiot.

“Shut up and let’s get moving.”

“You have a plan, I take it?”

“You think I’d just walk in without a plan?”

He shrugged. “No, but I hoped you’d finally share it with me.”

She frowned. Jude had proven useful, but she couldn’t be sure that he wouldn’t alert the guards if he knew. He’d been as loyal as any stranger could be, but most people were opposed to regicide. As far as he was concerned, she might as well have been here to talk it over with her brother over breakfast, or midnight pastries.

“You don’t need to know. In fact,” she pinned him against an ivy-covered stone wall, “there’s no need for you to come any further than this. I’ll go the rest of the way myself.”

He sighed. “Ah. I see. That presents us with a problem now, doesn’t it?”

She was too stunned to back away and too stunned to cut his throat. This didn’t sound like Jude. There was something deep inside his voice, something old and primal, and it made her shiver.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Jude-not-Jude smiled. “Haven’t you wondered how I saw through your disguise when we first met?”

Understanding washed over her in the same instant that a hazy fog stretched in her mind. She backed away but only found more ivy and cold stone.

“Stay away from me!”

“I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Are you helping my brother? Did he sent you?”

He chuckled. “No. Your brother doesn’t even know I exist, but he’s beginning to suspect. You’re coming with me, Royale. I imagine you’ll struggle, but I advise against it. I’ll take you bruised or not.”

“Like hell I will!”

She should have run. She should have tried, at least, but the impossible nightmare before her was already warping her mind. Running seemed like a good idea; she just couldn’t remember how. Her legs felt too heavy for any movement. A hot bath and a nap–that’s what she needed.

Her knees went weak, and she fell into his too-human arms.

“Why?” Her voice sounded muffled, but his was clear in her mind.

“Because the prince can’t die tonight, Roya, but neither can you.” It grinned, so much like Jude and so different to him, too. “Trust me, dearest sister.”

There was so much she needed to know. Why had the monster from their nightmares let them come this far only to kidnap her? Why had it travelled with her for the past six months? And why had it called her sister?

But her mind went numb, her vision turned dark, and her world went silent.

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A-Z Name Prompts – Q

This is going to be a short one, friends. I didn’t have a lot of time last week to prepare this in advance, so I’ll have to improvise even more than usual ^-^

This week’s winner is:

Where were you all this week? :O Is it because the prompts were too similar? It’s probably because the prompts were too similar. My baby name book has 2,001 names in it but not even one whole page for Q!

If the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it. If you do, please leave a link here so I can be nosy <3



(m; cub)

I watched them from the cool shade underneath the thicket. The early morning sun was still weak with no real heat to it, but the men ahead of me were sweating from the heavy crates they were moving. I had no idea what was in those crates; not once had they dropped one, or talked about what was inside. I couldn’t smell anything, so it probably wasn’t food.

One of the men looked my way, and I sank deeper into the soft moss and thin branches. I’d been out here almost every day for the past ten moons, and they hadn’t spotted me once. I had learned a lot from them in that time – that I’d never fit in with their society, for one. Not that I wanted to. I looked like them and I could think their words, but I’d never tried saying them out loud before. The other day two people had shook hands and clapped each other on the back, and I wasn’t sure why they’d done it. It was similar to the way my pack brothers and sisters nuzzled each other in greeting, but I knew nothing about their ways. For all I knew they had threatened each other; although, I couldn’t imagine how a threat could be effective without growling or baring of fangs.

The men disappeared around a corner and silence fell once again. I’d watched them often enough by now to know their routine. They’d be back soon for more crates until the sun stood high enough to blind me and drive me out of my hiding spot. I wanted to inch closer, but I didn’t dare. I wasn’t supposed to be so close to them in the first place, but I wasn’t going to get answers by hiding forever.

I quickly scratched my ear, and turned around. My pack leader wouldn’t be happy if he knew I’d come this close to human territory, but it was the only place that held any answers for me. Many moons ago one of the men had killed one of my brothers, and left him to rot. I couldn’t figure out what the point of the kill had been. We killed to eat, to survive. We fought to assert dominance, but we didn’t kill just because we could. The whole pack would be weaker for it if we did that – but the man had done it, and the loss still hurt.

Maybe, if I learned to use their words not just in my head but out loud like they did, I could pretend to be one of them for long enough to learn their ways. Perhaps there had been a reason behind the kill, after all. A reason only humans understood.

Our pack was weaker for the loss. If there was no reason, I could still stay long enough to take revenge.

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A-Z Name Prompts – P

It’s time for another biweekly prompt, friends! I just did the maths (pre-tea, tho) and there are only 10 more prompts left to go after today :O So at this rate we’ll currently finish in early December… *ahem*

I’ve started thinking about the serial that will follow these, and am quite excited because it’ll be my first real delve into short stories. I’ve got an idea for it and a notebook to plot it in, now I just need to do it 🙂

For now let’s get back to these little prompts. This week’s prompt is…

Not gonna lie, I was hoping Pell would win. That could have been so sinister, friends. But you want Purity, so let’s see what I can do with that… *ahem* *no ideas* *halp*

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(f.; virtue)

Her hair fell into the snow, white on white, almost invisible under the pale light of the moon. The rest of her followed, first her legs, than her arms stretching out tentatively, then the length of her back, and finally her head. The humans called this cold, but to her it meant comfort, home, and an understanding deeper than they could fathom.

The humans called her Purity, too, after the crisp perfection of first snow, even though her name was far more complicated and more ancient than that. None of them would have been able to pronounce it and she didn’t want them to know. Her name was sacred. Names held power. Hers was too special to be known by humans.

She stretched out, snow moving up beside her in soft clouds rather than melting. Her own body was cold if she wished it to be, and she didn’t mean the snow any harm. The humans were right about this – first snow was pure, and perhaps she deserved to be named for it, after all.

Not long now.

Her white dress embraced her small form sure as any satin could. It was the colour of winter, and she was the season’s child.

A dark shadow moved towards her. She could sense him approach, heavy footsteps on undisturbed snow. She knew why he was here. She felt no fear.

Not long now.

This was as it had to be. She had served the season well for a thousand years, but all things must come to an end. She would live on, without the human’s awareness. They would miss her. They wouldn’t understand. It could be dangerous for him if they knew.

Not long now.

His heavy footsteps fell silent by her side.

“It is time, sister.”

“Then set me free, brother.”

It was her turn to become the snow fall. It was her turn to become the pale pink sky on a winter morning. It was simply another way of life, and all life had beauty to it. The humans wouldn’t understand. Their souls couldn’t do what she did. Not in the same way.

He lay down next to her, a brother holding his little sister in his arms, and cradled her.

“I shall follow you next year, when it is my turn to become the night.”

He was a shadow right now. His footsteps in the snow were silent to human ears, but she knew. The cold winter breeze sang to her, the ice of the frozen branches overhead whispered her news.

“Then we will rule winter together once more, brother.”

He stroked her long hair away from her slim face, and kissed her eyes. “Sleep well, sister. Not long now.”

His shadow whispered to her, and she felt herself fade until her soul had become one with the ice and the breeze.

It snowed. He smiled.

Not long now.

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A-Z Name Prompts – O

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(m.; divine ruler)

Osric looked down upon his world, and shuddered. Then he shuddered once more because he had shuddered at all; when had he become so human? So vulnerable? Only a thousand years ago he wouldn’t have shown his emotions so obviously. To err was human, but he was supposed to be better than human. He was supposed to be grander, more powerful, more beautiful, than they could behold. But he wasn’t, and he knew just who to blame.

Osric searched the village below, and found him easily.

“Bring me my sword.”

His servant, a being similar to him but ultimately powerless, hurried to get the weapon. Even his staff were stronger than the average human. They never did anything as mundane as shudder.

“Your sword, my lord.”

Osric held the golden weapon out in front of him where he could see the full length of its cold metal. It warmed at his touch, and he could feel his wings respond in turn. It had been too long since the last war. Too long since the last time he had stretched his feathers and carried his sword into battle.

But that was good. He couldn’t shudder as well as develop a lust for pointless blood shed. It was too–

He sighed. Perhaps this was exactly what he needed. How long had it been since he had last walked among men? How long since he had last left the Observatory?

“I will be gone for a while. Only contact me if there are problems.”

His servants bowed their heads in respect.

Osric stepped outside, walked over the edge of his gardens, and let himself fall.

Humans would think him a god, but he was nothing of the sort. He hadn’t created this world, split continents, or commanded mountain ranges to rise. He was old, but he was not a creator responsible for all this.

He landed on soft feet, cushioned by his wings, in the middle of a forest. Daren’s house wasn’t far from here. The sun had only just risen; if he walked quickly, Osric would reach his house before noon.

Osric’s sword melted into him and spread a welcome heat first through his chest and then his entirety. He doubted he’d need the weapon–humanity wasn’t due another war for at least two-hundred years, but he felt better carrying it.

Indeed, just walking this planet again made him feel better. He had been inside the Observatory for too many decades, watching Daren long enough to satisfy his curiosity but not so long as to rouse suspicion. It was time Osric went to see him in person.

It was time he loved again.

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